LIBERIA Finding hope amid deadly Ebola outbreak

Red Cross photographer honoured for Ebola work

A self-described technophile, Red Cross photographer Victor Lacken has, for years, been advocatin...

Delivering humanitarian services amid gunshots requires a thick skin

One delegate's motivation for returning to the insecurity of Central African Republic

Large gaps remain in meeting needs of Burundi refugees in Rwanda

Funds are needed to ensure traumatized refugees receive the urgent care they deserve

An orphan’s struggles to put food on the table in Zimbabwe

Floods and drought cause hardships for families trying to feed themselves in Zimbabwe

We have nowhere and nothing to go back to

They have lost everything and are now being asked to leave the camp which has become their home.

"We cannot do our work if our own lives are at risk"

A South Sudan Red Cross volunteer's call for guaranteed safety of those trying to help families ...

Building resilience in Sierra Leone through community-based initiatives

In light of the Ebola outbreak, the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, with the support of the IFRC, has trained 2,000 community volunteers to be its eyes and ears on the ground. These volunteers report immediately when they see someone who is sick, allowing for a much quicker response should new cases surface. The Community Event-Based Surveillance project is also an investment in the future as the volunteers will act as early warning systems to alert communities about disease outbreaks or natural disasters.

Voices to Action

Voices to Action

In December, Red Cross and Red Crescent leaders will meet with governments from 194 countries at their 32nd International Conference, to discuss current and future action in addressing humanitarian challenges.

Voices to Action, an International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement initiative, aims to bring community voices to the International Conference – ensuring global discussions reflect local needs. 

Your voice can help shape the future of your community. What do you and your family need so your community is better prepared for future humanitarian challenges? How can we better address humanitarian challenges, today and in the future? 

Be part of the discussion at

Life Beyond Ebola

LBE Liberia

Since March 2014, Ebola has ravaged families and communities across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Despite the quarantines, loss of livelihoods, and decimated health care systems, life is continuing beyond Ebola. Meet and support those who are living Life Beyond Ebola

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