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ضع رابط & مفضلة وشاركها
Refugees battle mental health problems in Sweden

Refugees battle mental health problems in Sweden

Mental health problems are common among newly-resettled refugees and asylum seekers searching for safety in in Sweden.

Sweden: A Harbor of Hope

Sweden: A Harbor of Hope

In the past week, Sweden has received over 5,200 asylum seekers, a record high number. Among them, numerous unaccompanied minors.

Swedish Red Cross - Hugs for Sale

Swedish Red Cross - Hugs for Sale

Only 20 Swedish crowns for an ordinary hug and 100 for a bearhug (approx.

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Hornsgatan 54
SE 11891 Stockholm

Postal Address:

Box 17563
SE-118 91 Stockholm

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الهاتف: (46) (8) 4524600
الفاكس: (46) (8) 452 46 01(General) (46) (8) 452 47 61 (International Department)
بريد إلكتروني: info@redcross.se
Web: http://www.redcross.se
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rodakorset

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  • President: Ms Margareta WAHLSTRÖM
  • Vice-President: Mr Bo HERMANSSON
  • Vice-President: Ms Kristina LJUNGROS
  • Vice-President: Ms Katarina STRUWE ORLEIFSON
  • Acting Secretary General: Ms Anna ERNESTAM
  • Director of Finance and Support Services: Ms Anna ERNESTAM
  • Head of Strategic Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting: Mr Peter ERIKSSON
  • Director of Communications and Fundraising: Ms Therése ENGSTRÖM
  • Director of Human Resources: Ms Åsa ALEXANDROW
  • Director of International Operations: Mr Melker MÅBECK
  • Director of Domestic Operations: Ms Sara REVELL FORD
  • Director of National society Development: Mr Tord PETTERSSON
  • Assistant to the President and the Governing Board: Ms Ida KENNERBERG
  • Assistant Office of the Secretary General: Ms Annette LIND

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