Asia Pacific Fundraisers' Network

The Red Cross Red Crescent Asia Pacific Fundraisers Network (APFN) is a membership-based network established to be an ongoing, self-sustaining, National Society-led initiative which meets the needs and gives sustained benefits to its diverse members.   It aims to help fundraising profes­sionals within National Societies to form a self-sustaining network to consolidate fundraising skills, and share know­ledge and experience within the Asia Pacific zone.  The APFN  supports the Red Cross Red Crescent Strategy2020 and contributes to the goal of the Federation-Wide Resource Mobilization Strategy (FWRMS) in building the capacities of the National Societies  in the Asia Pacific Zone. With an annual fee of CHF500,  member National Societies gain access to tools and useful information; access to advisors, consultants and support teams; training and e-learning.


The APFN is geared  to:  Do more , by bringing together National Societies  in Asia Pacific to work on common goals related to Resource Mobilization;  Do better  by building a strong network of fundraising leaders with professional skills and expertise;  and  Reach further, by increasing income to help more vulnerable people.  


For the Member National Societies:

1. To support and enable networking among the Asia Pacific member National Societies
2. To represent National Society members in partnerships and collaborations
3. To share best practices of successful fundraising tools, techniques and learning among member National Societies
4. To share resourceful network, resource persons or work partners among National Societies
5. To change the mindset on resource mobilization, making it a priority within the work of the National Societies.

For individual fundraisers:

1. To enhance the fundraising skills of members
2. To develop them into excellent leaders in their fields of choice
3. To create fundraising mentors within themselves
4. To appreciate their role as fundraiser and eventually stay with the National Society in the longer term

Background and Development

The creation of the APFN was based on a commitment made by Asia Pacific National Societies during the 2006 Regional Conference in Singapore to initiate a sustainable network of fundraising professionals.   Over the course of 2009, preparations took place for its inaugural meeting. This was  fully supported by the  New Zealand Red Cross together with the  steering group members representing the four regions in the Asia Pacific zone.  The inaugural meeting of the APFN called Hui (the Maori word for a meeting) was held in Auckland, New Zealand on April 27-30, 2010. The said meeting was  attended by 30 participants from 18 National Societies. 

In 2011, a new set of Steering Group was organized to carry on the expectations of the network. The APFN has welcomed the following new members representing the regions of the Asia Pacific zone: Dr. Gwendolyn Pang, APFN Chair/Philippine Red Cross; Mr. David Armstrong, Australian Red Cross; Mr. Otohiko Hori, Japanese Red Cross; Mr. Sirajul Islam Molla, Bangladesh Red Crescent; and Ms. Janprappa Vitchitcholchai, Thai Red Cross.

The 2nd APFN Meeting, the APFN "Jer Kan" 2012  was held in Bangkok, Thailand on July 15-17, 2013 where 52 participants from 20 National Societies participated.  The 3rd meeting, the APFN "Pulong" 2013 was held in Manila, Philippines on July 4-6, 2013 with 111 participants from 18 National Societies attended.

The strategy for the coming years will be defined and based on a plan of action.  The Steering Group and the member National Societies will continue working on establishing a flourishing and self-sustainable network.

3rd APFN Meeting: A huge inspiring success!

3rd APFN Meeting: A huge inspiring success!

The APFN, together with the IFRC Asia Pacific Zone and the Philippine Red Cross, has successfully held the 3 rd APFN annual network meeting, “the Pulong” on July 4-6, 2013 held at the Acacia Hotel, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines ( Pulong is the local term for a meeting in the Philippines.)   A total of 111 participants from 18 National Societies in the Asia Pacific zone attended the meeting....

APFN Awards 2013: Celebrating together

APFN Awards 2013: Celebrating together

The APFN launched the APFN Awards  as a celebration of our fundraising efforts. The APFN Awards 2013 has celebrated two winners --- Congratulations to Australian Red Cross for receiving the "Most Outstanding National Society in Fundraising" award and to the Philippine Red Cross for winning the "Most Innovative Fundraising Strategy" award on its entry, "Million Volunteer Run 2."  The awards was presented...

APFN holds webinar on high-net worth corporates and individuals

APFN holds webinar on high-net worth corporates and individuals

The APFN organized a webinar exclusive for APFN Members entitled, " Income strategies from high net worth individuals and corporates" on May 15, 2013, hosted by IFRC Asia Pacific zone office in  Kuala Lumpur.  More than 40 participants from 12 member National Societies participated in the webinar. Mr. Daniel McDiarmid , Global Philantropic Asia Pacific presented the stages and strategies from prospect...

APFN Publishes Resource Mobilization Guidebook Vol. 1

APFN Publishes Resource Mobilization Guidebook Vol. 1

The APFN has officially published the Volume 1 of the Resource Mobilization Guidebook on the APFN FedNet page on March 7, 2013.  This Volume 1 aims to be a handy guide for all fundraisers that provides an overview of all IFRC policies and guidelines on resource mobilization.  The Vol. 1 further highlights relevant principles and frameworks that will serve as a important reference for fundraisers who wish...

APFN launches peer-to-peer support program in Thailand

APFN launches peer-to-peer support program in Thailand

The APFN, in partnership with Thai Red Cross Society recently launched its peer-to-peer support program by organizing a campaign visit during the 46th Diplomatic Red Cross Bazaar on March 2-3, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Chris Tan, Head of Fundraising of the Singapore Red Cross Society and Mr. Tun Nanda, Income Generation Officer of Myanmar Red Cross Society were selected to avail of this...

Network members

The network currently consists of 25 National Societies.

Hong Kong
New Zealand
Solomon Islands

Contact us

Gwendolyn Pang
Secretary General of the Philippines Red Cross

Martine Zoethoutmaar
Relationship Manager, IFRC Asia Pacific

Rika Ueno
Organisational Development Delegate, IFRC Asia Pacific

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