Global partnership with iTunes and Facebook in support of Typhoon Haiyan-affected communities

The following addresses common questions and answers regarding the IFRC's Global partnership with iTunes and Facebook in support of Typhoon Haiyan-affected communities.

Global partnership with iTunes and Facebook in support of Typhoon Haiyan-affected communities.

  1. What are Facebook and iTunes’ partnerships about?
    In the wake  of the typhoon that hit the Philippines, we were asked to consider a global deal to reach iTunes customers in up to 100 countries worldwide and to reach Facebook customers in authorized markets worldwide with a fundraising appeal.
  2. How were these partnerships initiated and negotiated?
    American Red Cross had had successful partnerships with iTune and Facebook to raise funds for Hurricane Sandy in the USA. In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, the partners agreed to repeat the operation for the Philippines. They  proposed a global launch rather than just in the USA and engaged in partnership with the Federation to  extend it internationally.
  3. How was the decision made on the use of the logos?
    A decision needed to be made on the logo to be used outside the USA. A request has been presented to both iTunes and Facebook for using National Society logos in their respective markets. Whilst some cases could be accommodated (Philippines, Canada, Australia), iTunes and Facebook formally asked for a single logo which could be quickly used internationally.
  4. Where does the IFRC logo used for these partnerships come from?
    In September 2013, the IFRC Governing Board was presented options for an additional logo which could be used in digital environment where the current logo does not fit. The Governing Board selected one of the proposed options for further testing and requested to be kept informed about the results of the testing. The partnerships with Facebook and iTunes offered an opportunity to test this ‘digital’ logo. However, please note that this additional logo, following the testing process, will need to be formally approved by the Governing Board in 2014.
  5. As per IFRC procedures, National Societies’ approval is needed before any roll-out of the IFRC logo. How was this agreement reached?
    Taking advantage of the presence of all NS leaders for the statutory meetings in Sydney, and considering that a fast turnaround was crucial to respond to the emergency situation in Philippines and meet Apple and Facebook’s deadline, direct and extensive consultations were orchestrated with National Society leadership in Sydney. National Societies had of course the possibility of opting out of these partnerships and some did. In less than 24 hours, close to 50 National Societies agreed to be part of this unprecedented fundraising initiative under the IFRC logo.
  6. How do individual donors contribute?
    Facebook: Individual donors can donate directly from their News Feed by clicking ‘donate now’ button on the top of the screen. minimum single donation on Facebook is approximately 10 Swiss Francs.
    ITunes: Each iTunes user is invited to make a donation with one click from multiple donation options available.
  7. Do Facebook and iTunes get to keep a portion of these donations?
    No. iTunes and Facebook are assuming all costs associated with processing donations using their existing payment mechanisms and transferring the full amount of the donations to the Red Cross Red Crescent for response effort in the Philippines.
  8. Will individual donors receive a receipt for tax deduction?
    Each donor will receive an acknowledgement from iTunes or Facebook for their donation by email. Conditions to use this acknowledgement message for tax deduction are to be further explored on a case-by-case approach.
  9. Where will the money collected by Facebook and iTunes be transferred?
    Both iTunes and Facebook requested one single bank account to transfer the money to. In this respect, the American Red Cross has offered to serve as the ‘pay agent’ collecting the funds as agreed by the partners.
  10. Do Facebook and iTunes have the capacity to provide a breakdown of total donations received by country?
    Facebook has confirmed that it will provide this breakdown. ITunes has yet to confirm whether they will be able to provide the same information but it has been requested.
  11. Will Facebook and iTunes be able to share with National Societies respective donors’ contact based on IP address?
    This is still being discussed and formally requested. 
    We anticipate however that it will present challenges related to the protection of individual data under U.S. and other country laws.
  12. How will the funds be re-distributed by the American Red cross?
    Decision of allocation of funds raised under the IFRC logo is the responsibility of the IFRC secretariat in close consultation its National Societies. To respect donors’ intent, these funds will need to be earmarked to RCRC response to the Philippines’ typhoon Philippines. Accountability mechanisms will be designed and the Federation-wide reporting mechanism will be in place. . Funds will contribute both to the Federation appeal and  Partner National Societies bilateral operations in the Philippines. For the IFRC appeal, record will be made of the contribution under the name of the NS where funds were raised. If iTunes is unable to provide a donation report by country, the funds raised under the IFRC logo will be allocated to and processed through the IFRC appeal on behalf of the National Society.
    A more detailed re-distribution flow will be circulated shortly.
  13. How long will these fundraising campaigns last?
    Facebook fundraising effort will appear on users Facebook pages through Sunday, November 17th, 2013.
    iTunes: Under discussion.
  14. Whom should I contact to have more information related to these fundraising campaign?

    IFRC:  Linda Kelly | linda.kelly@ifrc.org
    American Red Cross: Luke Greeves | luke.greeves@redcross.org

  15. Will these global digital campaigns become standard fundraising tools in future major emergency response efforts?
    This is the by far the largest multi-country digital fundraising effort ever for the global network of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. It was organized quickly with the generous support from iTunes, Facebook, and the American Red Cross. Following this campaign the American Red Cross and the IFRC Secretariat will coordinate, together with partner National Societies, a review process of this pilot to identify opportunities to create a policy precedent, improve the speed, coordination and effectiveness of any future global digital fundraising effort conducted with iTunes or Facebook.

  16. I made a donation on Facebook but have not received an acknowledgement. What should I do?
    Please check your email spam folder. Due to frequent phishing attempts posing as Facebook, some email providers filter this into the spam folder. If you do not find the confirmation, you can contact dfraser(at)fb.com.

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