Fact sheets

International Disaster Response Law Fact Sheet: Bangladesh (2017)
PDF document

Fact Sheet on CARICOM legal structure for disaster relief in the Caribbean (2017)
PDF document

Official Legal Fact Sheet on IDRL Commission - Haiti (2017)
PDF document

Legal Information Sheet for disaster response - Haiti (2017)
PDF document

Red Cross and Red Crescent Making a Difference at the Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction Outcome Report (2016)
PDF document

IDRL (2012)
PDF document (653 Kb, 2 pages)

DRR legislation (2012)
PDF document (633 Kb, 2 pages)

Regulatory barriers to shelter (2012)
PDF document (576 Kb, 2 pages)

Tampere Convention: Core provisions and benefits (2011)                    
PDF document (123 Kb, 3 pages)

International Health Regulations (2011)
PDF document (168 Kb, 4 pages)


Representative international instruments on disaster response (2006) 

PDF document (61 Kb, 2 pages) 

International standards on customs and disaster relief (2006)
PDF document (129 Kb, 4 pages)

Domestic registration of international disaster relief organizations (2006)
PDF document (93 Kb, 3 pages)

Principles and rights in international disaster relief (2006)
PDF document (104 Kb, 3 pages)

Privileges and immunities and disaster relief (2006)
PDF document (97 Kb, 3 pages)

International standards of quality and accountability in disaster relief (2006)
PDF document (104 Kb, 3 pages)

The Red Cross Red Crescent’s role in the development of International Disaster Response Laws, Rules and Principles (2006)
PDF document (85 Kb, 3 pages)

Normative standards on risk reduction (2006)
PDF document (74 Kb, 3 pages)

International regulation of telecommunications in disaster relief (2006)
PDF document (76 Kb, 4 pages)

Standards on transport in international disaster operations (2006)
PDF document (106 Kb, 4 pages)

Entry of international disaster relief personnel (2006)
PDF document (76 Kb, 3 pages)

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