Kenya - malaria RAMP

The first RAMP survey took place in Kenya in January 2011 in Malindi district. Malindi, on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast is remote, has high poverty rates and little access to public health facilities. An array of interventions were delivered ranging from simple messages about hand-washing and the need of nightly use of bed nets to relatively complex communication such as the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and case management of childhood malaria and pneumonia.

Kenya Red Cross Society volunteers were trained as interviewers. All were educated to at least secondary level and many had previous experience of conducting survey interviews. Six teams of volunteers, under the supervision of Kenyan health ministry staff, uploaded their data instantly or at the end of the day at the latest when they returned to Malindi town. For access to datasets for the Kenya survey, please email Jason Peat, IFRC, at jason.peat@ifrc.org

What was learnt (nine key indicators) in Malindi:

  1. Households owning at least one net:  78%
  2. People who had access to a net:  68%
  3. People (all ages) who slept under a net last night:  55%
  4. Under-fives who slept under a net last night:  65%
  5. Nets used last night:  87%
  6. Nets hung last night:  86%
  7. Febrile under-fives in last two weeks given ACT:  77%
  8. Febrile under-fives in last two weeks given ACT within 24 hours: 69%
  9. Febrile under-fives in last two weeks blood-tested for malaria: 14% 

RAMP Toolkit

See the RAMP toolkit posted on this website and the many up-to-date tools and forms available for you to use or modify when planning and organizing your own RAMP survey!

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