Zambia: Gister Kampamba

It was through Gister Kampamba’s work with the Government of Zambia that he became familiar with the Red Cross.

by Hanna Butler, IFRC

It was through Gister Kampamba’s work with the Government of Zambia that he became familiar with the Red Cross. He was the officer in charge of providing agricultural advice to gardeners farming along the banks of the Zambezi River, in partnership with the Zambia Red Cross Society (ZRCS), IFRC and the Government.

Impressed by the work of ZRCS, Gister decided to extend his partnership with the Red Cross by becoming a volunteer two years ago.

Training to become a volunteer was quite different from Gister’s agricultural expertise, but just as important and interesting. “Even though the training was different from anything I had done before, it was interesting, especially learning to become a peer educator. I have become like a councillor. This has been a unique and overwhelming experience and it has had such an important impact on people’s lives.

“Since I have become a volunteer, I have really enjoyed the interaction I have with people. I find that I am never alone. People know I am a Red Cross volunteer and because of this they come to my house for help, advice or just to talk. I am surprised at how much I like this kind of work.”

Gister says this has made him become a real part of the community, to which he is relatively new. “I only moved to this part of Zambia when I got this job two years ago. It has been a very good way to connect and get to know people. This is a reason I would tell people to become part of the Red Cross.”

But he says if someone is considering volunteering, their motivation needs to be right. “First, when we talk about being a volunteer, it must be known that volunteers do this without expecting anything in return. We do this just to give and just to help. There is nothing that you get, you just help. I would encourage people to volunteer. Volunteering is something that comes from the heart.”

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