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In pictures - Garissa attack, Kenya

In pictures – Garissa attack, Kenya

On 2 April 2015, gunmen stormed a university in Garissa, Kenya, northeast of the capital of Nairobi, killing 147 people, the majority of them, students. The Kenya Red Cross Society responded immediately, deploying teams of volunteers to provide psychosocial support, tracing and first aid and medical support. Emma Nguli, Welfare section volunteer I remember meeting a young woman who was carrying...

Health information adds to families’ wellbeing in Kenya

Health information adds to families’ wellbeing in Kenya

How the sharing of knowledge is leading to healthier babies in northern Kenya.

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Nairobi South C(belle Vue)
Off Mombasa Road
P.O. Box 40712
00100 Nairobi

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 40712

Contact Information:

Tel: (254) (20)20 600 3593/6000 69
Fax: (254) (20) 600 3589
Telex: 25436 IFRC KE

Language of correspondence: English


  • Governor: Dr. Mohamud Sheikh Nurein SAID
  • 1st Deputy Governor: Mr Paschal MBECHE
  • 2nd Deputy Governor: Mr Samwuel NYAIRO
  • Deputy Secretary General: Ms Abshiro HALAKE
  • Deputy Secretary General: Dr. James KISIA
  • National Treasurer: Ms Sheena Shah PATEL
  • Committee Member: Mr Abdinoor Mohamed HUSSEIN
  • Member: Mr Edward Gakumo WARUI
  • Committee Member: Dr Mohammad Abdallah SWAZURI
  • Committee Member: Mr Geoffrey KORIR
  • Committee Member: Ms Rose C. MOROGO
  • Committee Member: Mr Dominic KIRUTHI
  • Member: Ms Pamela PETE
  • National Youth Chair: Mr Geoffrey KORIR
  • Committee Member: Mr Tache Bonsa GOLLO
  • County Advisor: Mr Pamellah M. INDIAKA
  • Governance: Mr Ahmed IDRIS
  • National Youth Chair: Ms Kevin DOOSO
  • Secretary General: Mr Abbas GULLET
  • Group Head of Finance and Accounts: Mr. Abdulaziz MIRZA
  • Head of Department Planning, Monitorin, Evaluation and Reporting: Mrs Lydia ATIEMa
  • Director - External Relations and Resource Mobilization: Mr Wariko WAITA
  • Head of Human Resources: Mrs Linah Beatrice KOWITTI-ORRO
  • Deputy Secretary General - Programmes & Region Management: Dr. Asha MOHAMMED
  • Health Advisor: Mrs Sylvia Khamati LOGENDO

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