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Sahel: a permanent emergency?

Sahel: a permanent emergency?

Chiran Livera is the Operations Coordinator for the IFRC's regional office in the Sahel. Below, he explores the impact of recurring humanitarian aid in the Sahel, and if the Red Cross Red Crescent is doing enough. You can reach Chiran directly at . I stand on a hill overlooking the Niger river and it’s impressive to see how a flood can cause so much damage to an area that only a fe...

Discovering the impact of malnutrition among children in Niger

Discovering the impact of malnutrition among children in Niger

By Julie Lorenzen More than one million children in West Africa are at risk of acute malnourishment due to the drought, and this has effects beyond the immediate needs for sustenance. Malnutrition weakens the immune system and makes learning harder. This year West Africa has been struck by a drought affecting more than 18 million people. And while many people suffer, the drought has a...

Money, seeds and a plan for the future will help villagers thrive

Money, seeds and a plan for the future will help villagers thrive

By Julie Lorenzen in Niger For many families in Niger, the gap between harvests has become stretched out by the drought that has been experienced all over the Sahel region. The Red Cross Society of Niger aims to help them bridge that gap with a programme of support that includes both money and seed distribution. In the village of Sesané Haoussa, 45-year-old Khadi Zola works a field. She carries...

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Tel: (227)20 73 30 37
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Telex: CRN GAP NI 5371

Language of correspondence: French


  • Président: M. Ali BANDIARE
  • Vice-President: M. Mamane ALLAGOUMA
  • Secrétaire Général: M. Issa YAMOUSSA
  • Trésorier Général : M. Yeya HAMADOU
  • Trésorière Générale Adjointe: M. Zaratou MOUSSA PARAISO
  • Coordinateur de la Jeunesse: M. Abdou MOUNKARA
  • Coordinateur de la Jeunesse Adjoint: M. Abdoul Karim ADAMOU
  • Head of Communications: Mr Adamou Amadou TIDJANI
  • Head of Human Resources: Mr Moussa I. SEYDOU
  • Head of Volunteer Development: M. Amina Djibo HAMIDOU
  • Hed of Finance: Mme Maimouna Sadou GODIA
  • Secrétaire Exétitive: Mme Hadiza Barazé SIDIBE
  • Secrétaire Général Adjoint: M. Ibrahim OUSMANE

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