Mexican Red Cross

Spontaneous volunteers inspire the Red Cross action in Mexico

Spontaneous volunteers inspire Red Cross action in Mexico

Since the onset of the tropical storms, the Mexican Red Cross has sent over 7,000 volunteers and technicians to respond to the immediate needs of affected people in the states of Guerrero, Veracruz and Tamaulipas.

Mobilizing the National Societies in the name of road safety

With the advent of the Decade of Action for Road Safety, the Red Cross Red Crescent movement has a vital role to play in helping to reduce the estimated 142,000 deaths recorded each year in the Americas.

Red Cross action on the road to saving lives in Latin America and the Caribbean

Red Cross action on the road to saving lives in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Mexican Red Cross commits to the national goal of saving more than 60,000 lives, preventing 110,000 disabilities and three million hospitalizations caused by road accidents.

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Contact details


Calle Luis Vives 200
Colonia Polanco
México D.F. 11510

Contact Information:

Tel: (5255) 10 84 45 05/10 84 45 06/100 84 45 07
Fax: (5255) 1084 4514
Telex: 01777617 CRMEME

Language of correspondence: Spanish


  • Presidente: Sr Fernando SUINAGA CARDENAS
  • Vicepresidente: Ing. Eduardo DE AGÜERO LEDUC
  • Vicepresidente: C.P. Francisco Xavier BRISEÑO RAMIREZ
  • Vicepresidente: Lic Migel Angel DOMÍNGUEZ MORALES
  • Vicepresidente: Lic. Carlos FREANER FIGUEROA
  • Director General: Sr Daniel LOZANO AGUILAR
  • Coordinador de Desastres: Comandante Isaac OXENHAUT
  • Asistente de Presidencia: Sra Claudia E. CUEVAS MÉNDEZ
  • Apoyo a Presidencia: Sra Paula ORTEGA SÁNCHEZ
  • Aistente de Dirección General: Sra Alejandra MÉNDEZ OCHOA
  • Coordinadora Nacional de Contraloria: Sra Veronica VALDEZ HERNANDEZ
  • Coordinator Nacional de Communicacion e Imagen: Sr Rafael GONZALEZ DOMINGUEZ
  • Coordinador Nacional de Voluntriado: Sr Fernando RIVERA MUNOZ
  • Coordinador Nacional de Delegacions: Sr Juan ESTRADA MIRANDA

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