APFN welcomes new Chair and Steering Group 2014-15

Publié: 22 avril 2015 5:46 CET

Mr. David Armstrong, B.Sc (Hons) MFIA, Head of Fundraising of Australian Red Cross, was unanimously elected as Chair of APFN for the period 2014-2015 during the 2014 Annual Steering Group Meeting held on March 11-13, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.   The following are the other Steering Group members elected and selected:  Mr. Kim Bawi, Deputy Secretary General, Myanmar Red Cross Society; Ms. Alice Montague, National Fundraising, Manager, New Zealand Red Cross; Ms. Winnie Wong, Head of Communications & Resource Development, Hong Kong branch of Red Cross Society of China;  Mr. Mohammad Taib Yosufzai, Head of OD & Resource Mobilization, Afghan Red Crescent Society; Mr. Chris Tan, Head of Fundraising, Singapore Red Cross and Ms. Dianne-Masih Reddy, Resource Development.

The Steering Group’s key role is to focus on developing APFN’s programme with members; and monitoring the achievement of the set objectives.  On behalf of the 2011-13 APFN Steering Group, Dr. Gwendolyn Pang welcomed the new  Steering Group during the hand-over.

Building on the accomplishments of APFN during the previous years,  the new Steering Group agreed on the 2014-15 APFN Plan of Action which highlights the strategic priorities and thematic areas for the network in the next two years.



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