Vision & Mission



The APFN is geared  to:  Do more, by bringing together National Societies  in Asia Pacific to work on common goals related to Resource Mobilization;  Do better  by building a strong network of fundraising leaders with professional skills and expertise;  and  Reach further, by increasing income to help more vulnerable people.  

Mission: For the Member National Societies

1. To support and enable networking among the Asia Pacific member National Societies
2. To represent National Society members in partnerships and collaborations
3. To share best practices of successful fundraising tools, techniques and learning among member National Societies
4. To share resourceful network, resource persons or work partners among National Societies
5. To change the mindset on resource mobilization, making it a priority within the work of the National Societies.

For individual fundraisers:

1. To enhance the fundraising skills of members
2. To develop them into excellent leaders in their fields of choice
3. To create fundraising mentors within themselves
4. To appreciate their role as fundraiser and eventually stay with the National Society in the longer term

La Fédération internationale des Sociétés de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge constitue, avec ses 190 Sociétés nationales membres, le plus vaste réseau humanitaire du monde. En tant que membres du Mouvement international de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge, nous sommes guidés dans notre travail par sept Principes fondamentaux: humanité, impartialité, neutralité, indépendance, volontariat, unité et universalité.