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Risky sanitation = risk of cholera in South Sudan

Risky sanitation = risk of cholera in South Sudan

In May 2015, increasing numbers of cases of cholera were being reported across Juba County in South Sudan . Following the start of the rainy season, people’s access to safe drinking water and sanitation services, which was already limited, became even more challenging, especially in the crowded camps which had been set up across Juba after the eruption of violence in late 2013. In June 2015, th...

"We cannot do our work if our own lives are at risk"

A South Sudan Red Cross volunteer's call for guaranteed safety of those trying to help families in need

South Sudan Red Cross mobilizes volunteers to combat cholera in Juba

South Sudan Red Cross mobilizes volunteers to combat cholera in Juba

South Sudan is currently battling a cholera outbreak that has led to 34 deaths. South Sudan Red Cross volunteers are working hard to take cholera prevention messages house-to-house and refer patients suffering diarrhoea symptoms to treatment centres.

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Area Munuki Plot No 4

Nom du contact:

Tél: (00211) 955 06 33 66
Fax: -
Adresse électronique: john.lobor@southsudanredcross.org
Web: http://www.southsudanredcross.org

Langue: English


  • President: Mr. Joseph DHUOR MAKWEI
  • Vice-President: Ms Monica SEBIT
  • Secretary General: Mr. John LOBOR
  • Personal Assistant to Secretary General: Ms Nora AKETO
  • Head of Finance: Mrs Anna YAWA
  • PMER Coordinator and Organizational Development: Mr Zaabi Dominic MATHIEW
  • Communication & Resource Mobilization Manager: Mr Marial MAYOM
  • Volunteer Management Officer: Mr Alex MODOYI
  • Health Manager: Mr Taban GEOFREY
  • Head of Support Services: Mr Anthony WANI
  • Head of Programs: Ms Veronica KENYI
  • DM Manager: Mr David DUT ABOOR TIEL
  • WATSAN Manager: Mr David MITU
  • Psychosocial Support Manager: Ms Tabu GRACE
  • Operations Coordinator: Mr Taban SABIR
  • Logistics Coordinator: Mr Miteng CHARLES
  • IT Coordinator: Ms Alison Yokwe JACKSON

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