Volunteer manuals and documents

You will find many resources available to our National Societies and delegations in the field on FedNet, the International Federation's extranet service. This service is exclusively for volunteers and staff of our Movement, and you will need an unique username and password to gain access. If you do not currently have a FedNet account, you can get one by visiting this page and completing the form in full. Account set-up usually takes only a few days.

Volunteer videos

You will find a number of video clips available on the International Federation's YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/user/ifrc.

Volunteer Investment and Value Audit

The Volunteer Investment and Value Audit (VIVA) is a tool to demonstrate the economic value of volunteer work, assess the total amount that an organization spends on its volunteers, and determines the relationship between these two parameters. VIVA can also be a useful tool in advocating for support and greater focus on volunteering and in helping staff to examine their volunteer management and community services.

2015 VIVA study series

In 2015, the VIVA series feature studies from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Fiji and the Philippines.

The series:

  1. A study focusing on the value of volunteers mobilized for dead body exchange in Afghanistan (Afghan Red Crescent)
  2. A study focusing on the Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP) volunteers’ response to Cyclone Mahasen in the coastal belt of Bangladesh (Bangladesh Red Crescent)
  3. A study focusing on the value of volunteers mobilized for psychological support service in emergencies (Hong Kong Branch of the Red Cross Society of China)
  4. A study focusing on the value of volunteers mobilized in the Integrated Community Resilience (ICR) Program in China (Red Cross Society of China)
  5. A study focusing on the value of volunteers supporting the Red Cross Sato-no-House for the elderly in Chiba, Japan (Japanese Red Cross Society)
  6. A study focusing on the value of volunteers mobilized during the Dengue Fever Outbreak (Fiji Red Cross Society)
  7. A study focusing on the value of volunteers mobilized for all chapter services (Philippine Red Cross)

2014 VIVA study series

In 2014, the VIVA series feature studies from Mongolia, Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Micronesia.

The series:

  1. Youth volunteers’ response to people affected by Rana Plaza building collapse in Savar (Bangladesh Red Crescent Society)
  2. Services rendered by volunteers in the field of HIV youth peer education, first aid and disaster response (Micronesia Red Cross Society, Kosrae Chapter)
  3. Social care services to the most vulnerable people (Mongolian Red Cross Society)
  4. A study focusing on the assistance provided by volunteers to those affected by the inter-communal violence in the Rakhine State (Myanmar Red Cross Society)
  5. A study on chapter volunteers working in the field of disaster preparedness and response, first aid and safety services, community health and social services, blood services and fund generation (Philippine Red Cross, Quezon City Chapter)
  6. A study on the Red Cross 143 volunteers (Philippine Red Cross, Lapu-Lapu/Cordova Chapter)


Need more?

You can also find more publications and other useful materials in the Youth & Volunteering section on FedNet. If you do not yet have a personal username to access FedNet, you can sign-up here.

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