Typhoon Haiyan - Beneficiary profile: Edelin (Lin) Yepa Amparo

Publié: 31 octobre 2014 18:03 CET

By to Jessie Huard, Australian Red Cross and Kate Roux, IFRC

My name is Edelin (Lin) Yepa Amparo. I was working in Fort Bonifacio when I heard about the Typhoon that hit Leyte. As soon as I heard the news, I rushed to find my family. After a difficult journey I was able to find my them: they were not okay. Their home had been washed away, my father was killed, my pregnant sister and one of her sons had all been killed.

I felt very hopeless. Until now, my mother still cannot talk to us properly – she hasn't gotten over what happened to our family. My two nieces and my son, whom I later brought from Leyte to Manila, are still very afraid every time they hear strong winds in Manila. They ask me if it is going to be a typhoon, but I always assure to them that it is nothing.

The Barangay Chairman, aware of my situation, selected me to attend the Red Cross programme since he believes the training and knowledge will prevent further tragedy from affecting my family. Through this experience, I have learnt about preparedness and my fear of typhoons has lessened. While I'm not yet fully prepared, and emotionally I’m not wholly ready to cope with disaster,  I feel positive that this will not happen again to our family.

In the future, I hope the Red Cross will communicate more with people affected by disasters. I would feel better if the Red Cross confirms the right information, and also informs us if our families are safe or not. We are always worried that we need to go to our families, and we don’t know that they have been helped or not. This could make us feel at ease.


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