Middle East: Red Cross Red Crescent urges governments to put people’s welfare first

Publié: 4 février 2011

The Middle East is witnessing unprecedented civilian protests and unrest. The current economic and financial crises – particularly the sharp rise in food and commodity prices – have all contributed to instability in the region and beyond. The prevailing political conditions are compounding the situation further and underline the need for a meaningful dialogue that takes into account the frustrations and concerns of the people.

The Red Cross Red Crescent network has deep grass-roots and community links, and works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable communities. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is fully alert to the hardships and difficulties that are exacerbated by current social and economic conditions and is concerned that this will further worsen the situaton of the most vulnerable communities, including the younger generations.

The IFRC stands ready to work with all its member National Societies in the region to ensure that they can continue to provide, in a neutral and impartial manner, effective emergency and social services to their communities.

The IFRC calls all parties in the region to act in support of their people’s welfare, and calls on all parties to settle their differences in a culture of peace and dialogue. In moments of crisis such as this, let the power of humanity prevail.

Bekele Geleta
Secretary General

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