A black day as Central African Red Cross loses another volunteer to gunmen

Publié: 24 août 2014
Bienvenu Bertrand Bandios, volunteer for the Central African Red Cross Society killed on 20 August, 2014.

Under often life-threatening circumstances, volunteers from the Central African Red Cross Society, continue to undertake humanitarian operations, bringing life-saving support to those affected by violence in the country.

On 20 August, Bienvenu Bertrand Bandios, a volunteer driver and first aider, was killed by gunfire while assisting casualties during an operation in the capital city, Bangui. Bienvenu is the second volunteer to be killed in the country this year. In March, first aid volunteer Patrick Matede was shot and killed in his parents’ home.

Antoine Mbao Bogo, President of the Central African Red Cross Society said targeting of humanitarian workers was unacceptable. “The important role that the Red Cross volunteers play in our country has to be recognized. They continue to work despite the grave and challenging conditions,” he said. “The whole Red Cross family in Bangui is in shock. Killing a volunteer assisting the injured is unacceptable.”

The attack on Beinvenu Bertrand Bandios happened the day after World Humanitarian Day, when relief organizations called for better protection for humanitarian workers around the world. “I am once more calling upon all parties to the fighting to respect the Red Cross personnel and other humanitarian workers; we need to work with assurance of our security because of our neutrality,” Mbao Bogo said.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has lost a volunteer, a family has lost a husband and father, and the country has lost a humanitarian dedicated to saving lives regardless of political or cultural affinity.

On 19 August, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement launched a campaign to demand respect for the Movement’s emblems and protection for its volunteers.


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