Guatemalan Red Cross responds to landslide

Publié: 3 octobre 2015 16:04 CET

A landslide registered at 21:30 local time on Thursday in El Cambray II in the municipality of Santa Catarina Pinula near the capital, reports of National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction of Guatemala (CONRED) mention at least 12 fatalities and 600 people missing.

As rescue efforts continue, 34 people were reported to be rescued alive, 133 are in evacuation centers; and an estimated 100 homes are buried.

Guatemalan Red Cross is participating in the National Emergency Operation Center (EOC) organized by the Guatemalan government and remains their institutional EOC active. A team of approximately 20 people, including medical, psychological and forensic staff and others from the ICRC mission in Guatemala, ambulances and a truck have been mobilized to the area of ​​the emergency, where they are giving psychosocial support, temporary housing, pre hospital care, and registering names of the people missing with family member and providing calls to survivors.

Additionally Guatemalan Red Cross is conducting emergency health evaluations, and damage and needs assessments (DANA) in the disaster area.

A collection center at Guatemalan Red Cross headquarters and a bank account were open to receive donations.

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