In Pictures - One year after Kelantan Floods

In December 2014, Kelantan State and other parts of East Coast Malaysia were inundated by what is considered the worst flooding in decades. One year on, while most of the affected communities have received aid and support, many are still struggling to recover and build back stronger. 

Photo Credit: Ika Koeck/IFRC

In Pictures - Kelantan recovers from floods

During the recovery phase, villagers in Kampung Dusun Nyiur, Kampung Aur Duri and Kampung Keluat received temporary housing from Malaysian Red Crescent Society, with support from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). One year on,  many of the villagers use these temporary houses for storage. 

In Pictures - Kelantan recovers from floods 2

Most of the villagers in Kampung Dusun Nyiur are single, old women who live alone, making them vulnerable to natural disasters.  

In Pictures - Kelantan recovers from floods 3

The Conditional Cash Transfer Programme by the IFRC, in support of the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, allowed villagers recovering from the floods to use the money provided to purchase household and kitchen appliances in their new permanent homes. 

In Pictures - Kelantan recovers from floods 4

Before and After: While waiting to move into their permanent homes, the villagers of Kampung Keluat have adapted to living in their temporary houses. Now, only remnants of the debris left behind by the flooding remain. 

In Pictures - Kelantan recovers from floods 5

Known as the “flood-baby” by the villagers of Kampung Keluat, Putera Ilham was born during the recovery phase and moved into the temporary housing provided by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society when he was just a few months old (photo above). Now 7 months old, the baby and his family are still living in the temporary house. The family hopes to be able to a more permanent home by the first quarter of 2016.

In Pictures - Kelantan recovers from floods 5

Many houses in the village of Dusun Nyiur and Kampung Air Duri were swept away by the severe flooding. In some areas the water rose as high as 30 metres, sweeping everything in its path. Buildings that survived still bear the mark of the waterlines on their walls, a reminder of how high the water had risen.

In Pictures - Kelantan recovers from floods 6

In support of the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, the IFRC provided 5 boats to its adopted villages in Kelantan, as well as Pahang and Terengganu. The IFRC has also supplied a high-powered speed boat to the Malaysian Red Crescent Kelantan Branch. These boats will help with search and rescue operations during emergencies, and ferry students and passengers from villages living near the river.

In Pictures - Kelantan recovers from floods 7

The IFRC facilitated the country’s first Basic Shelter Training for participants from Malaysian Red Crescent Society and other NGOs, including Mercy Malaysia, United Nations, Crest Malaysia and MESRA Kelantan. The training will equip humanitarian organizations with the skills to create temporary housing when future disasters happen. 

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