Seven-year-old Shakeel – A Future Red Cross Red Crescent Volunteer

Publié: 9 mai 2011 15:35 CET

By Rabia Ajaib in Pakistan

“It is my day,” says Farhan – a volunteer with the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS). He’s been a volunteer for three years, and is honoured to be recognized on Red Cross Red Crescent Day. “It is my day and I am very proud that I serve people of my country as a volunteer,” he says.

“I think it's really great that they did this for us,” says fellow volunteer Zohaib, a young man who idolizes Henry Dunant for popularising the concept of volunteerism among the people. “But I don't really do this for the recognition. I volunteer because I really enjoy helping people.”

Another volunteer Mashoot Alam says: “Recognition is an incentive for us to move forward with more energy. Celebrations that acknowledge volunteer services are fantastic, as we feel proud ourselves.” Then, seven-year-old Shakeel approaches the PRCS promotional stall and asks if he too can get involved. “I want to be a volunteer,” he says strongly.
The spirit of volunteerism is very much alive in Pakistan where 130,000 volunteers give freely of their time to work with the PRCS, helping their neighbours in times of conflict, and most recently, during last year’s monsoon floods. And on the day that honoured volunteers and their achievements, more than 50 new people signed up, ready to follow in their, and Henry Dunant’s, footsteps.


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