Macedonian Red Cross launches campaign towards Zero new HIV infections

Publié: 2 décembre 2011 14:25 CET

The Macedonian Red Cross is marking World AIDS Day by organizing many activities across the country through the fieldwork of local Red Cross branches, under the Global Campaign’s slogan ‘Zero new HIV infections’ which stresses the importance of health promotion and education.

The Red Cross branch of Veles marked the week leading up to 1 December by organizing a candlelight memorial where 150 young people walked through the city holding candles and expressing their emotional support to families who lost someone because of AIDS.

Other branches in the country held different activities, from free-of-charge HIV testing, to ribbons, condom and brochures distribution, to peer education sessions, lectures by doctors in high schools and universities, educational parties for young people, and an open competition for the best poster for World AIDS Day – organized by the Skopje City Branch in the context of the European festival of graphic design.


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