IFRC president Konoé to praise professionalism and growing international role of Magen David Adom

Publié: 22 février 2013 14:56 CET

The President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Tadateru Konoé, paid a one-day visit to Magen David Adom in Israel (MDA), the Israeli member of the IFRC.

“I’m very impressed by the level of sophistication and innovation reached by the National Society in delivering its life-saving and training services to communities,” Mr Konoé said.

With a dedicated workforce of 1,500 staff and 12,000 volunteers from diverse backgrounds, MDA runs a world-class emergency medical system, operates an ambulance network supplying approximately 95 per cent of emergency medical services and ensures the provision of almost 100 per cent of blood services throughout Israel.

Since the deployment of an emergency team in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, the National Society has expanded its international cooperation with sister National Societies in Georgia, Azerbaidjan, Indonesia, Kenya and Uganda, and offered to share its training expertise in disaster preparedness and emergency response.

“I very much encourage MDA to continue to develop as an active, vibrant and fully-fledged member of our Movement,” Mr Konoé said. “I can see the potential of expanded cooperation arrangements, including with the government of Israel, leveraging the society’s capabilities and auxiliary status to make our humanitarian missions and network even stronger, in line with MDA’s corporate statement: Different Symbols, Same Principles.’


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