Global Community Resilience Forum


From 4 to 7 November, Colombian Red Cross will play host to the 2014 Global Community Resilience Forum, which will be held in Cali, Colombia. The event will bring together over 170 leaders and technical experts from 70 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the IFRC secretariat, government agencies, corporate partners and other key stakeholders such as UN agencies and intergovernmental bodies from across the globe. The main objective of the forum is to provide a platform for participants to discuss and agree on:

  • Scaling up community resilience programming in line with the revised Framework for Community Resilience
  • Strengthening advocacy and communication for community resilience
  • Mobilizing resources and support to deliver community resilience programming
  • Improving necessary skills for resilience programming

The forum also provides the important opportunity for participants to share and exchange knowledge, experience and lessons from community resilience programming and foster greater collaboration and partnership.

The forum will be webstreamed live. If you are interested in following the discussions during the forum, share your inputs and access the forum documents, please visit: http://www.desaprender.org/pages/Resiliencia.

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