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In pictures - Syria: World Food Day

Every morning from 3am a team from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch in Damascus start work in local bakeries to produce bread for displaced people living in temporary shelters around the city. The disaster management team work with four bakeries in Damascus, overseeing and helping to bake and pack the bread. Every day around 3755 bags of bread are distributed to approximately 10,960 people....

Health, water and the increasing threat of disease

Health, water and the increasing threat of disease

Sulaf, 15, and her 7-year-old sister Hiba are waiting their turn at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s children clinic in Dwailaa areas, Rural Damascus

Bringing healthcare right into the community

Bringing healthcare right into the community

When the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Mobile Health Unit arrives in Ghuzlaniyah, children run around the vehicle greeting the volunteers with shouts of pleasure. Men and women from the neighbourhood, situated 20 kilometres east of Damascus, start to form queu

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