Water, sanitation and hygiene promotion

Fiji Tailor-made toilets boost morale in cyclone-ravaged country

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Trained community members act quickly to protect water sources following severe floods in Malawi

With water sources and latrines destroyed by flooding, Red Cross volunteers know the value of ...

Improving access to safe water for vulnerable communities in South Sudan

In South Sudan, two decades of conflict and neglect has made potable water scarce.

Global Water and Sanitation Initiative

Increasing access to safe water and sanitation for all: having reached over 15 million people by...

Access to safe water has been a turning point for communities in Myanmar

Daw Aye Htwe, a housewife and her husband U San, a casual labourer live in Myanmar’s Oak Shit ...

Increased access to safe water bridges gaps and reduces vulnerabilities

More than 8 million people, i.e. 43 per cent of Côte d’Ivoire’s population lack access to ...

Why getting the balance right?

“This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Global Water and Sanitation Initiative. I am pleased to recognize our collective efforts in reaching three times our set target of 5 million. By the end of 2015, the Red Cross and Red Crescent will have reached 15 million people with water and sanitation infrastructure and a further 6.5 million people with hygiene promotion activities." Uli Jaspers, Unit Manager, Water, Sanitation and Emergency Health.

World Water Day - March 2016
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Sanitation crisis: It’s time to talk about the solutions

Toilets are something that people are often embarrassed to talk about, making it easy to ignore ...

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Improving education through access to water in Vietnam

Taking a break for a drink of water is one way that many students like to escape the classroom. ...

It is not only one person that makes the difference, it is the entire community

It is early morning in Tornhill village, Mt Darwin district, and the water pump at the center ...

A volunteer with a bicycle can save lives

Tizai Miidzo is one of 108 Red Cross volunteers newly recruited to a water and sanitation project.

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