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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Turkiye - Earthquake (MDRTR004) Turkey MDRTR004 Tsunami 6 month update MDRTR004ou4 30/09/2023
Armenia - Population Movement (MDRAM012) Armenia MDRAM012 Radiological Emergency Emergency Appeal MDRAM012ea 30/09/2023
Bangladesh - Flash Flood (MDRBD028) Bangladesh MDRBD028 Tornado Final Report MDRBD028efr 30/09/2023
Central America & Mexico - Migration Crisis (MDR43008) Panama MDR43008 Radiological Emergency Operations Update MDR43008ou5 29/09/2023
Italy - Flood 2023 (MDRIT004) Italy MDRIT004 Storm Surge DREF Operation Update MDRIT004du 29/09/2023
Mongolia - Cold Wave 2022 (MDRMN017) Mongolia MDRMN017 Insect Infestation DREF Operation Final Report MDRMN017dfr 29/09/2023
Malaysia - Floods (MDRMY009) Malaysia MDRMY009 Storm Surge DREF Operation Final Report MDRMY009dfr 29/09/2023
Philippines - Severe Tropical Storm Paeng 2022 (MDRPH050) Philippines MDRPH050 Epidemic DREF Operation Final Report MDRPH050dfr 29/09/2023
Armenia - Population Movement (MDRAM012) Armenia MDRAM012 Radiological Emergency DREF Operation MDRAM012do 29/09/2023
Nigeria - Floods (MDRNG034) Nigeria MDRNG034 Storm Surge 6 month update MDRNG0346m 26/09/2023
Africa - Hunger Crisis (MGR60001) Kenya MGR60001 Famine / Food Insecurity 6 month update MGR60001eu4 26/09/2023
Zambia - Flood (MDRZM017) Zambia MDRZM017 Storm Surge DREF/EAP Activation Report EAP2020ZM01fr 22/09/2023