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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Central America - Hurricane Eta (MDR43007) Panama MDR43007 All other disaster and emergencies Operations Update Operations Update No.5 23/06/2022
Venezuela - Floods (MDRVE006) Venezuela MDRVE006 Flood DREF Operation DREF Operation 22/06/2022
Ethiopia - Hunger Crisis (MDRET027) Ethiopia MDRET027 Drought Operations Update Operations Update 21/06/2022
Central African Rep - Fires & Strong winds Bakala (MDRCF028) Central African Republic MDRCF028 Fire DREF Operation Update DREF Operations update no.1 21/06/2022
Sao Tome And Principe - Floods and Landslides (MDRST001) Sao Tome And Principe MDRST001 Flood DREF Operation Update DREF Operation Update no. 2 20/06/2022
Costa Rica - Population Movement (MDRCR020) Costa Rica MDRCR020 Population Movement DREF Operation Final Report DREF Operation Final Report 17/06/2022
Lesotho - Windstorms (MDRLS005) Lesotho MDRLS005 Storm Surge DREF Operation Final Report DREF Operation Final Report 15/06/2022
Central African Rep - Floods (MDRCF027) Central African Republic MDRCF027 Flood DREF Operation Final Report DREF Operation Final report 15/06/2022
MDRAF007rea3.pdf Afghanistan MDRAF007 Complex Emergency Emergency Appeal Revision Emergency Appeal Revision 15/06/2022
Nicaragua - Prep. actions for Tropical Cyclones (MDRNI012) Nicaragua MDRNI012 Cyclone DREF Operation DREF Operation 14/06/2022
COVID-19 Outbreak (MDRCOVID19) Switzerland MDRCOVID19 - Audited Financial Statement Audited Financial Statement, 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021 14/06/2022
South Africa - Floods and Landslides (MDRZA012) South Africa MDRZA012 Flood Operational strategy Operational Strategy 13/06/2022
Russia - Population Movement (MDRRU027) Russian Federation MDRRU027 - Contributions List Donor Response 10/06/2022
Sri Lanka - Complex Emergency (MDRLK014) Sri Lanka MDRLK014 - Contributions List Donor Response 08/06/2022
Sri Lanka - Complex Emergency (MDRLK014) Sri Lanka MDRLK014 Civil Unrest Emergency Appeal Emergency Appeal 08/06/2022
Colombia - Election Preparedness (MDRCO020) Colombia MDRCO020 Civil Unrest DREF Operation DREF operation 07/06/2022
Uganda - Floods, Landslides and Hailstorm (MDRUG044) Uganda MDRUG044 Flood DREF Operation Final Report DREF Operation Final Report 06/06/2022
Burkina Faso - Acute Food insecurity (MDRBF017) Burkina Faso MDRBF017 Food Insecurity DREF Operation DREF Operation 04/06/2022
Afghanistan - Humanitarian Crises (MDRAF007) Afghanistan MDRAF007 Complex Emergency 12 month update 12 month update 03/06/2022
Afghanistan Regional Population Movement 21 (MDRAFRPM21) Switzerland MDRAFRPM21 - Operations Update Ops Update #3 03/06/2022