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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Syria - Earthquake (MDRSY009) Syrian Arab Republic MDRSY009 Earthquake Operations Update MDRSY009OU3
Kenya - Floods (MDRKE058) Kenya MDRKE058 Flood Emergency Appeal Revision MDRKE058rea1
Chile 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAACL002) Chile UPL-2024-MAACL002 - IFRC Network Plan Chile_INP_2024
Guatemala 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAAGT003) Guatemala UPL-2024-MAAGT003 - IFRC Network Plan Guatemala_INP_2024
Afghanistan - Floods (MDRAF015) Afghanistan MDRAF015 Flood Emergency Appeal MDRAF015ea
Lesotho - Drought (MDRLS008) Lesotho MDRLS008 Drought DREF Operation MDRLS008do
Mauritania 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAAMR002) Mauritania UPL-2024-MAAMR002 - IFRC Network Plan Mauritania_INP_2024
Guinea 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAAGN003) Guinea UPL-2024-MAAGN003 - IFRC Network Plan Guinea_INP_2024
Nigeria - Diphtheria Outbreak (MDRNG037) Nigeria MDRNG037 Epidemic Operations Update MDRNG037ou3
Central America & Mexico - Migration Crisis (MDR43008) Panama MDR43008 Population Movement Final Report MDR43008fr
Costa Rica - Volcanic Ash (MDRCR025) Costa Rica MDRCR025 Volcanic Eruption DREF Operation MDRCR025do
Haiti - Complex Emergency (MDRHT021) Haiti MDRHT021 Complex Emergency DREF Operation MDRHT021do