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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Afghanistan - Humanitarian Crises (MDRAF007) Afghanistan MDRAF007 Complex Emergency Audited Financial Statement MDRAF007afs22
Turkiye - Earthquake (MDRTR004) Turkey MDRTR004 Earthquake Operations Update MDRTR004ou6
Pakistan - Monsoon Floods (MDRPK006) Pakistan MDRPK006 Flood Operations Update EU4Health_LLW External Report
Equatorial Guinea 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAAGQ002) Equatorial Guinea UPL-2024-MAAGQ002 - IFRC Network Plan Equatorial Guinea_INP_2024
Hurricane Beryl (MDRS2001) Panama MDRS2001 Hurricane Emergency Appeal MDRS2001ea
Mozambique - Population Movement (MDRMZ023) Mozambique MDRMZ023 Population Movement DREF Operation Update MDRMZ023du1
Sri Lanka - Flood (MDRLK018) Sri Lanka MDRLK018 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRLK018_OU3
Burundi - Floods -sEAP (MDRBI021) Burundi MDRBI021 Flood DREF/EAP Summary MDRBI021sEAP
North Macedonia 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAAMK003) Republic of North Macedonia UPL-2024-MAAMK003 - IFRC Network Plan North Macedonia_INP_2024
Central African Republic 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAACF002) Central African Republic UPL-2024-MAACF002 - IFRC Network Plan CAR_INP_2024
Uganda - Floods (EAP2021UG01) (MDRUG048) Uganda MDRUG048 Flood DREF/EAP Activation Report MDRUG048EAPfr
Cameroon - Floods (MDRCM034) Cameroon MDRCM034 Flood DREF Operation Final Report MDRCM034dfr