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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Date
Sao Tome And Principe - Floods and Landslides (MDRST001) Sao Tome And Principe MDRST001 Flood DREF Operation 20/01/2022
Pop. Movement - Belarus and Neighboring Countries (MGR65001) Hungary MGR65001 Population Movement Operations Update 20/01/2022
Tonga - Volcano and Tsunami (MDRTO002) Tonga MDRTO002 Volcanic Eruption DREF Operation 19/01/2022
Iran - Floods (MDRIR008) Iran, Islamic Republic Of MDRIR008 Flood DREF Operation 17/01/2022
Afghanistan Regional Population Movement 21 (MDRAFRPM21) Switzerland MDRAFRPM21 - Operations Update 17/01/2022
Nigeria - Cholera Outbreak (MDRNG033) Nigeria MDRNG033 - DREF Operation Update 14/01/2022
Lebanon - Complex Humanitarian Crisis (MGRLB001) Lebanon MGRLB001 - 12 month update 14/01/2022
Egypt - Palestine Complex Emergency (MDREG018) Egypt MDREG018 - Operations Update 14/01/2022
Egypt - Train Crash (MDREG016) Egypt MDREG016 - Operations Update 14/01/2022
Egypt - Train Crash (MDREG017) Egypt MDREG017 - Operations Update 14/01/2022
Malawi - Windstorms (MDRMW015) Malawi MDRMW015 Storm Surge DREF Operation Update 11/01/2022
Philippines - Typhoon Rai (Odette) (MDRPH045) Philippines MDRPH045 Cyclone Operations Update 10/01/2022
DR Congo & Rwanda - Mt Nyiragongo Eruption (MDRNYIRA21) Africa MDRNYIRA21 Volcanic Eruption Operations Update 07/01/2022
South Africa - Severe Thunderstorms (MDRZA011) South Africa MDRZA011 Storm Surge DREF Operation 04/01/2022
Information bulletin Brazil_Floods Brazil MDRBR010 Flood Information Bulletin 03/01/2022
Tajikistan - Floods (MDRTJ030) Tajikistan MDRTJ030 - DREF Operation Final Report 31/12/2021
Central America - Hurricane Eta (MDR43007) Americas MDR43007 All other disaster and emergencies 12 month update 27/12/2021
Armenia - Winterization displaced population NK (MDRAM008) Armenia MDRAM008 All other disaster and emergencies DREF Operation 27/12/2021
Italy - Wildfires (MDRIT003) Italy MDRIT003 Fire DREF Operation Update 27/12/2021
Iraq - Flash Floods (MDRIQ014) Iraq MDRIQ014 Pluvial/Flash Flood DREF Operation 27/12/2021