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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Date
Malaysia - Floods (MDRMY008) Malaysia MDRMY008 Flood DREF Operation 27/12/2021
Philippines - Typhoon Rai (Odette) (MDRPH045) Philippines MDRPH045 - Operational strategy 24/12/2021
Niger - Complex Emergency (MDRNE021) Niger MDRNE021 Complex Emergency Operations Update 23/12/2021
Cameroon - Internal Population Movement (MDRCM030) Cameroon MDRCM030 Population Movement DREF Operation 23/12/2021
Chad - Population Movement from Cameroon (MDRTD020) Chad MDRTD020 Population Movement DREF Operation 22/12/2021
Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian (MDRBS003) Bahamas MDRBS003 All other disaster and emergencies Operations Update 22/12/2021
Myanmar - Floods (MDRMM017) Myanmar MDRMM017 Flood DREF Operation Update 21/12/2021
Angola - Drought (MDRAO007) Angola MDRAO007 Drought DREF Operation 20/12/2021
COVID-19 Outbreak (MDRCOVID19) Switzerland MDRCOVID19 - Emergency Appeal Revision 18/12/2021
Philippines - Typhoon Rai (Odette) (MDRPH045) Philippines MDRPH045 - Contributions List 18/12/2021
Philippines - Typhoon Rai (Odette) (MDRPH045) Philippines MDRPH045 Cyclone Emergency Appeal 18/12/2021
Brazil - Floods (MDRBR010) Brazil MDRBR010 Flood DREF Operation 17/12/2021
Pop. Movement - Belarus and Neighboring Countries (MGR65001) Hungary MGR65001 Population Movement Operations Update 17/12/2021
Indonesia - Semeru Volcano Eruption (MDRID023) Indonesia MDRID023 Volcanic Eruption DREF Operation 17/12/2021
Uganda - Floods, Landslides and Hailstorm (MDRUG044) Uganda MDRUG044 Flood DREF Operation Update 17/12/2021
Turkey, Greece & Other Countries - Pop. Mvt (MDR65003) Hungary MDR65003 Population Movement Operations Update 17/12/2021
Tanzania - Tropical Storm Jobo (MDRTZ029) Tanzania, United Republic Of MDRTZ029 Cyclone DREF Operation Final Report 17/12/2021
Tigray Crisis - Population Movement (MDRTIGRAY) Africa MDRTIGRAY Population Movement Operational strategy 16/12/2021
Americas - Population Movement (MDR42004) Panama MDR42004 Population Movement Preliminary Final Report 15/12/2021
Gambia - Communal Violence (MDRGM013) Gambia MDRGM013 Population Movement DREF Operation Final Report 15/12/2021