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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Syria - Earthquake (MDRSY009) Syrian Arab Republic MDRSY009 Earthquake Operational strategy MDRSY009os 12/03/2023
Madagascar - Tropical Cyclone Freddy (MDRMG020) Madagascar MDRMG020 Cyclone DREF Operation Update MDRMG020do.. 11/03/2023
Bangladesh - Fire Incident (MDRBD029) Bangladesh MDRBD029 Fire DREF Operation MDRBD029do 11/03/2023
Sao Tome And Principe - Floods and Landslides (MDRST001) Sao Tome And Principe MDRST001 Flood DREF Operation Final Report MDRST001dfr 10/03/2023
Djibouti - Hunger Crisis (MDRDJ005) Djibouti MDRDJ005 Food Insecurity DREF Operation Update MDRDJ005du2 10/03/2023
Vanuatu- Tropical Cyclone Judy and Kevin 2023 (MDRVU010) Vanuatu MDRVU010 Cyclone DREF Operation MDRVU010do 09/03/2023
Chad - Floods (MDRTD021) Chad MDRTD021 Flood Operational strategy MDRTD021_OS 09/03/2023
Gabon - Anticipatory actions for Marburg risk (MDRGA009) Gabon MDRGA009 Epidemic DREF Operation MDRGA009do 09/03/2023
Philippines - Typhoons (EAP2019PH01) (MDRPH049) Philippines MDRPH049 Cyclone DREF/EAP Update MDRPH049EAPOU1 09/03/2023
Honduras - Drought (MDRHN018) Honduras MDRHN018 Drought DREF/EAP Summary EAP2023HN02_EAPSummary 08/03/2023
Mongolia - Cold Wave 2022 (MDRMN017) Mongolia MDRMN017 Cold Wave DREF Operation Update MDRMN017OU1 08/03/2023
South Africa - Floods (MDRZA013) South Africa MDRZA013 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRZA013do 08/03/2023