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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Malawi - Cholera (MDRMW017) Malawi MDRMW017 Epidemic Operational strategy MDRMW017_OS 04/03/2023
Cameroon - Anticipatory action for Marburg (MDRCM033) Cameroon MDRCM033 Epidemic DREF Operation MDRCM033do 04/03/2023
Iraq - Droughts (MDRIQ013) Iraq MDRIQ013 Drought DREF Operation Final Report MDRIQ013dfr 03/03/2023
Colombia - Floods (MDRCO022) Colombia MDRCO022 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRCO022ou1 03/03/2023
Afghanistan - Drought and Flash Floods (MDRAF005) Afghanistan MDRAF005 Pluvial/Flash Flood Audited Financial Statement MDRAF005afs20 03/03/2023
Venezuela - Health Emergency (MDRVE004) Venezuela MDRVE004 Civil Unrest Audited Financial Statement MDRVE004afs21 02/03/2023
Kyrgyzstan - Heat wave (MDRKG014) Kyrgyzstan MDRKG014 Heat Wave DREF/EAP Final Report EAP2021KG01-MDRKG014eapfr 02/03/2023
Somalia - Rain and Windstorms (MDRSO014) Somalia MDRSO014 Storm Surge DREF Operation Final Report MDRSO014dfr 02/03/2023
Mali (MAAML002) Mali MAAML002 - IFRC Network Plan INP_2023_Mali 02/03/2023
Kenya - Vector borne diseases outbreak (MDRKE050) Kenya MDRKE050 Epidemic DREF Operation Final Report MDRKE050dfr 01/03/2023
Equatorial Guinea - Marburg Outbreak (MDRGQ003) Equatorial Guinea MDRGQ003 Epidemic DREF Operation MDRGQ003do 01/03/2023
Tonga - Volcano and Tsunami (MDRTO002) Tonga MDRTO002 Volcanic Eruption 12 month update MDRTO002OU4 01/03/2023