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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Date
Bangladesh - Population Movement (MDRBD018) Bangladesh MDRBD018 Population Movement Emergency Appeal Revision 20/11/2021
Vanuatu - Volcano Yasur (MDRVU009) Vanuatu MDRVU009 Volcanic Eruption DREF Operation 19/11/2021
Lebanon - Complex Humanitarian Crisis (MGRLB001) Lebanon MGRLB001 Complex Emergency Emergency Appeal 18/11/2021
Lebanon - Complex Humanitarian Crisis (MDRLB010) Lebanon MDRLB010 - Contributions List 18/11/2021
Chad - Population Movement from Sudan (MDRTD019) Chad MDRTD019 Population Movement DREF Operation Final Report 18/11/2021
Kenya - Drought Hunger Crisis 2021 (MDRKE049) Kenya MDRKE049 Drought Operations Update 17/11/2021
Belarus - Population Movement (MDRBY010) Belarus MDRBY010 Population Movement DREF Operation 16/11/2021
Zambia - Drought (Food Insecurity) (MDRZM012) Zambia MDRZM012 Drought Final Report 16/11/2021
Poland - Population Movement (MDRPL001) Poland MDRPL001 Population Movement DREF Operation 16/11/2021
Indonesia - West Kalimantan Floods (MDRID022) Indonesia MDRID022 Flood DREF Operation 15/11/2021
Philippines - Severe Tropical Storm Kompasu (MDRPH044) Philippines MDRPH044 Cyclone DREF Operation Update 13/11/2021
Zambia - Food Insecurity (MDRZM014) Zambia MDRZM014 Food Insecurity DREF Operation 12/11/2021
Panama - Population Movement (MDRPA015) Panama MDRPA015 Population Movement DREF Operation Update 11/11/2021
Zimbabwe - Food Insecurity (MDRZW016) Zimbabwe MDRZW016 Food Insecurity DREF Operation 10/11/2021
EAP_2021_Bangladesh (MAABD001) Bangladesh MAABD001 - Forecast-based Early Action Protocol 10/11/2021
Sierra Leone - Oil Tanker Explosion (MDRSL011) Sierra Leone MDRSL011 All other disaster and emergencies DREF Operation 08/11/2021
Afghanistan - Nuristan Floods (MDRAF009) Afghanistan MDRAF009 Flood DREF Operation Update 07/11/2021
Tunisia - Flash Floods (MDRTN009) Tunisia MDRTN009 Pluvial/Flash Flood DREF Operation Final Report 05/11/2021
Afghanistan Regional Population Movement 21 (MDRAFRPM21) Switzerland MDRAFRPM21 - Operations Update 05/11/2021
Nepal - Monsoon Floods and Landslides (MDRNP011) Nepal MDRNP011 Flood DREF Operation Update 05/11/2021