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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Date
South Sudan - 2021 Floods (MDRSS010) Republic of South Sudan MDRSS010 Flood Operational strategy 04/11/2021
Nigeria - Hunger Crisis 2021 (MDRNG032) Nigeria MDRNG032 Food Insecurity Operations Update 02/11/2021
Indonesia - West Sulawesi Earthquake (MDRID020) Indonesia MDRID020 Earthquake DREF Operation Final Report 02/11/2021
Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian (MDRBS003) Bahamas MDRBS003 All other disaster and emergencies Operations Update 02/11/2021
Algeria - Wildfires (MDRDZ007) Algeria MDRDZ007 - Contributions List 02/11/2021
Indonesia: South Kalimantan Floods (MDRID021) Indonesia MDRID021 Flood DREF Operation Final Report 01/11/2021
Algeria - Wildfires (MDRDZ007) Algeria MDRDZ007 Fire Emergency Appeal 01/11/2021
Kazakhstan - Drought (MDRKZ010) Kazakhstan MDRKZ010 Drought DREF Operation Update 29/10/2021
Cyprus - Population Movement (MDRCY002) Cyprus MDRCY002 Population Movement DREF Operation Update 29/10/2021
Haiti - Earthquake (MDRHT018) Haiti MDRHT018 Earthquake Emergency Appeal Revision 29/10/2021
Sri Lanka - Floods (MDRLK012) Sri Lanka MDRLK012 Flood DREF Operation Update 29/10/2021
Saint Lucia - Dengue 2020 (MDRLC004) Saint Lucia MDRLC004 Epidemic DREF Operation Final Report 28/10/2021
Sri Lanka - Floods (MDRLK011) Sri Lanka MDRLK011 Flood DREF Operation Final Report 27/10/2021
Turkey, Greece & Other Countries - Pop. Mvt (MDR65003) Hungary MDR65003 Population Movement Emergency Appeal Revision 25/10/2021
Somalia - Population Movement from Laascaanood (MDRSO012) Somalia MDRSO012 Population Movement DREF Operation 25/10/2021
Benin - Floods (MDRBJ016) Benin MDRBJ016 Flood DREF Operation 25/10/2021
Pakistan - Dengue Response (MDRPK022) Pakistan MDRPK022 Epidemic DREF Operation 22/10/2021
DR Congo - EVD 13th Outbreak (MDRCD034) Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The MDRCD034 Epidemic DREF Operation 21/10/2021
Syria - Droughts (MDRSY006) Syrian Arab Republic MDRSY006 Drought DREF Operation 20/10/2021
Philippines - Severe Tropical Storm Kompasu (MDRPH044) Philippines MDRPH044 Cyclone DREF Operation 20/10/2021