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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Tajikistan - Cold Wave (EAP2022TJ02) (MDRTJ033) Tajikistan MDRTJ033 Cold Wave DREF/EAP Summary EAP2022TJ02_MDRTJ033 11/02/2023
Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian (MDRBS003) Bahamas MDRBS003 All other disaster and emergencies Final Report MDRBS003fr 10/02/2023
Colombia - Population Movement (MDRCO014) Colombia MDRCO014 Population Movement Final Report MDRCO014fr 10/02/2023
Americas - Population Movement (MDR42004) Panama MDR42004 Population Movement Final Report MDR42004fr 10/02/2023
Afghanistan - Humanitarian Crises (MDRAF007) Afghanistan MDRAF007 Complex Emergency Operations Update Humanitarian Crises OS Operations Update 7 10/02/2023
Nigeria - Anticipatory actions towards General Elections (MDRNG036) Nigeria MDRNG036 Civil Unrest DREF Operation MDRNG036do 10/02/2023
Armenia (MAAAM002) Armenia MAAAM002 - IFRC Network Plan INP_2023_Armenia 10/02/2023
Madagascar - Heavy Rains and Tropical Storm (MDRMG018) Madagascar MDRMG018 Pluvial/Flash Flood Operations Update MDRMG018ou4 09/02/2023
Bangladesh - Population Movement (MDRBD018) Bangladesh MDRBD018 Population Movement Operations Update MDRBD018OU16 08/02/2023
Syria - Earthquake (MDRSY009) Syrian Arab Republic MDRSY009 Earthquake Emergency Appeal MDRSY009-Syria EQ Emergency Appeal Feb 2023 07/02/2023
Turkiye - Earthquake (MDRTR004) Turkey MDRTR004 Earthquake Emergency Appeal MDRTR004ea 07/02/2023
Turkiye - Earthquake (MDRTR004) Turkey MDRTR004 - Contributions List Donor Response 07/02/2023