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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Date
Russia - Perm Armed Attack (MDRRU026) Russian Federation MDRRU026 All other disaster and emergencies DREF Operation 30/09/2021
Indonesia - Ili Lewotolok Volcano Eruption (MDRID019) Indonesia MDRID019 Volcanic Eruption DREF Operation Final Report 29/09/2021
Palau - Typhoon Surigae (MDRPW001) Palau MDRPW001 Cyclone DREF Operation Update 29/09/2021
Nigeria - Cholera Outbreak (MDRNG033) Nigeria MDRNG033 Epidemic DREF Operation 28/09/2021
Population Movement from Afghanistan 21 - Europe (MDR65006) Hungary MDR65006 - Contributions List 27/09/2021
Population Movement from Afghanistan 21 - MENA (MDR80003) Lebanon MDR80003 - Contributions List 27/09/2021
Population Movement from Afghanistan 21 - ASIA PAC (MDR51001) Malaysia MDR51001 - Contributions List 27/09/2021
Afghanistan Regional Population Movement 21 (MDRAFRPM21) Switzerland MDRAFRPM21 - Emergency Appeal 27/09/2021
Honduras - Population Movement (MDRHN014) Honduras MDRHN014 - DREF Operation Update 24/09/2021
Central AFrican Republic - Floods (MDRCF025) Central African Republic MDRCF025 Flood Final Report 24/09/2021
Philippines - Typhoon Vamco (MDRPH042) Philippines MDRPH042 Cyclone DREF Operation Final Report 24/09/2021
DR Congo - Meningitis Outbreak (MDRCD033) Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The MDRCD033 Epidemic DREF Operation 24/09/2021
Colombia Panama Costa Rica Ecuador Peru Chile: Population Movement Americas IB23092021 Population Movement Information Bulletin 23/09/2021
South Sudan - 2021 Floods (MDRSS010) Republic of South Sudan MDRSS010 Flood DREF Operation Update 23/09/2021
Sri Lanka - Cargo Ship Fire (MDRLK013) Sri Lanka MDRLK013 Fire DREF Operation Update 22/09/2021
Bangladesh - Monsoon Floods (MDRBD022) Bangladesh MDRBD022 Flood Final Report 22/09/2021
Colombia - Hurricane Iota (MDRCO017) Colombia MDRCO017 All other disaster and emergencies DREF Operation Final Report 21/09/2021
Guyana - Floods (MDRGY003) Guyana MDRGY003 Flood DREF Operation Update 21/09/2021
Haiti - Earthquake (MDRHT018) Haiti MDRHT018 Earthquake Operations Update 21/09/2021
Indonesia - Earthquakes and Tsunamis (MDRID013) Indonesia MDRID013 Earthquake Operations Update 20/09/2021