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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Ukraine and impacted countries crisis (MGR65002) Hungary MGR65002 Population Movement Operational strategy MGR65002 Russia NS Response Plan 17/04/2023
Tanzania - Floods in Mtwara 2023 (MDRTZ034) Tanzania, United Republic Of MDRTZ034 Pluvial/Flash Flood DREF Operation MDRTZ034do 14/04/2023
Armenia - Massive Explosion in Yerevan (MDRAM009) Armenia MDRAM009 All other disaster and emergencies DREF Operation Final Report MDRAM009dfr 14/04/2023
Ukraine and impacted countries crisis (MGR65002) Hungary MGR65002 Population Movement 12 month update MGR65002_OU6 13/04/2023
Central African Rep - Floods (MDRCF029) Central African Republic MDRCF029 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRCF029ou1 13/04/2023
Benin - Floods (MDRBJ017) Benin MDRBJ017 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRBJ017ou1 13/04/2023
Tajikistan Earthquake 2023 (MDRTJ035) Tajikistan MDRTJ035 Earthquake DREF Operation MDRTJ035do 13/04/2023
Ecuador - Floods + Earthquake (MDREC021) Ecuador MDREC021 Flood DREF Operation MDREC021do 13/04/2023
Zambia - Cholera Outbreak in Lusaka (MDRZM016) Zambia MDRZM016 Epidemic DREF Operation Final Report MDRZM016f1 12/04/2023
Cameroon - Internal Population Movement (MDRCM030) Cameroon MDRCM030 Population Movement DREF Operation Final Report MDRCM030dfr 11/04/2023
Malawi - Cholera (MDRMW017) Malawi MDRMW017 Epidemic Operations Update MDRMW017eu1 11/04/2023
Pakistan - Monsoon Floods (MDRPK023) Pakistan MDRPK023 Pluvial/Flash Flood 6 month update MDRPK023_OU4 10/04/2023