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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Date
Madagascar - Food Insecurity (MDRMG017) Madagascar MDRMG017 Food Insecurity DREF Operation Final Report 18/09/2021
Suriname - Floods (MDRSR003) Suriname MDRSR003 Flood DREF Operation Update 17/09/2021
Bangladesh - Population Movement (MDRBD018) Bangladesh MDRBD018 Population Movement Operations Update 17/09/2021
EAP_2021_Niger (MAANE002) Niger MAANE002 - Forecast-based Early Action Protocol 17/09/2021
DR Congo & Rwanda - Mt Nyiragongo Eruption (MDRNYIRA21) Africa MDRNYIRA21 Volcanic Eruption Emergency Appeal Revision 17/09/2021
Somalia (MAASO001) Somalia MAASO001 - Mid-Year Report 17/09/2021
Myanmar - Civil Unrest response (MDRMM016) Myanmar MDRMM016 Civil Unrest Operations Update 16/09/2021
Pakistan - Population Movement from Afghanistan (MDRPK020) Pakistan MDRPK020 Population Movement DREF Operation 14/09/2021
St Vincent & Grenadines - Dengue 2020 (MDRVC004) Saint Vincent And The Grenadines MDRVC004 Epidemic DREF Operation Final Report 13/09/2021
Lesotho - Windstorms (MDRLS005) Lesotho MDRLS005 Storm Surge DREF Operation 13/09/2021
Kenya - Drought Hunger Crisis 2021 (MDRKE049) Kenya MDRKE049 - Contributions List 13/09/2021
Ethiopia - Election Prep. May 2021 (MDRET025) Ethiopia MDRET025 Civil Unrest DREF Operation Update 13/09/2021
Guinea - Floods in Siguiri (MDRGN013) Guinea MDRGN013 Pluvial/Flash Flood DREF Operation 12/09/2021
Guatemala - Population Movement (MDRGT017) Guatemala MDRGT017 - DREF Operation Update 10/09/2021
Kenya - Drought Hunger Crisis 2021 (MDRKE049) Kenya MDRKE049 Drought Emergency Appeal 09/09/2021
MDRMZ016eu6m.pdf Mozambique MDRMZ016 Flood 6 month update 08/09/2021
South Africa - Urban Violence (MDRZA010) South Africa MDRZA010 Complex Emergency DREF Operation Update 07/09/2021
MDRAF007rea2.pdf Afghanistan MDRAF007 Complex Emergency Emergency Appeal Revision 06/09/2021
Nepal - Monsoon Floods and Landslides (MDRNP011) Nepal MDRNP011 Flood DREF Operation 06/09/2021
Tigray Crisis - Population Movement (MDRTIGRAY) Africa MDRTIGRAY Population Movement 6 month update 05/09/2021