First Aiders in action during Emergencies - Syria crisis

“During seven years as a Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteer I have never experienced anything like this before.” Waseem Atassi, a soft-spoken young first aider from Homs sighs and looks down at the floor. “We have responded to emergencies earlier, helping refugees from Lebanon in 2006 and from Iraq, but it was not like this.”  

Homs Branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) is a hive of activity as it responds to the unrest across the country. More than a hundred volunteer have been trained in basic first aid and disaster management, and how to work in accordance with the Red Cross Red Crescent fundamental principles, and many more are lining up. Advanced first aid training is now also offered by the branch. The teams provide first aid on the spot, evacuate civilians and the wounded and transport them for medical care and out of harm’s way. Read the story