In-pictures - Yellow fever in Angola

In Angola, where the worst yellow fever outbreak in 30 years has killed 361 people since December 2015, a social mobilization and vaccination campaign led by public health workers and Angola Red Cross volunteers, aims to provide vaccinations and information about how to remain protected from the disease across every province. Photo: Marine Ronzi, Monaco Red Cross


In the highly populated Viana municipality, volunteers from the Angola Red Cross use mobilization techniques to reach all those who are now yet vaccinated against yellow fever. It was here, in the biggest food market of the country, where the virus started to kill in January 2016. Photo: Marine Ronzi, Monaco Red Cross


More than 250 Red Cross volunteers are spreading out across the country, meeting with people to inform then about yellow fever and to convince the most skeptical of the importance of being vaccinated. Through repeated visits, resistance to vaccinations is slowly waning. Photo: Marine Ronzi, Monaco Red Cross


The highly populated Luanda Province, where most of the confirmed cases of yellow fever have been documented, was the first to benefit from the vaccination and social mobilization campaign. Photo: Marine Ronzi, Monaco Red Cross


In Luanda Province, volunteers with the Angola Red Cross have been working with public health workers to conduct vaccinations at various strategic locations, including markets. "This is our third time carrying out these type of activities since the beginning of the outbreak. Prevention is the key to end the spread of the virus,” says Valter Quifica, Secretary General, Angola Red Cross. Photo: Marine Ronzi, Monaco Red Cross


More than 80 per cent of people targetted in the campaign have been vaccinated against yellow fever in Angola. However, although the number of suspected and confirmed cases has started to decline, progress could be hampered by the onset of the rainy season in September. Photo: Marine Ronzi, Monaco Red Cross


Angola is one of 34 African countries where yellow fever occurs. It is transmitted by infected mosquitoes and symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. Being vaccinated is a key weapon in the fight against yellow fever, however, in many African countries, including Angola, resistance to receiving the vaccine can be strong. Photo: Marine Ronzi, Monaco Red Cross