National plan launched to assist thousands affected by flooding across Bolivia

تم النشر: 7 مارس 2012 12:57 CET

Heavy rains across Bolivia have caused massive damage to the homes of up to 12,000 families, leading the Bolivian Red Cross to activate its emergency plan for floods.

Bolivian Red Cross president Abdel Peña y Lillo, said the National Society was working on a emergency plan with the support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) which has sent two experts from the Pan-American Disaster Response Unit to provide technical support and assessment of operations. In addition, emergency funds totalling 116,138CHF from the IFRC will be used to assist 1,000 families, providing them with hygiene kits and food parcels, as well as contributing to the long-term repairs needed on damaged homes.

Branches across the country were put on alert, and told they should be well prepared to provide assistance where needed and to help mitigate the consequences of the disaster in accordance with their plans and capacities. Many are working in concert with local and regional authorities to identify those areas most at risk.

As part of its evaluation process, the Bolivian Red Cross sent a team to  Cobija on Wednesday 29 February. The team will assess the damages caused by the flooding and the need for humanitarian assistance in terms on supplies, warehouses, transportation, human resources, administration and budgeting.

Since the beginning of the emergency the Bolivian Red Cross  has  been working with the Vice Minister of civil defence and other humanitarian organization such as the United Nations,  to determine roles and lines of action to enter the affected zones.