Beneficiary profile: Mina, from Brčko district

تم النشر: 24 أغسطس 2014 15:43 CET

Mina is 65 years old. She has to look after her health, as she is a diabetic, and she struggles walking long distances, as she has a disability. Although there are steps up to her house, the floodwaters still came in, rising up and ruining everything they touched.

“All the floods left me was my fridge, and even that I had to repair. At least I could start again with something of my own, but everything else I had to throw away.”

Almost all of Mina’s furniture, wardrobes, appliances and other items had to be thrown away. She was able to save only her fridge, and one small bed. From the Red Cross, she has received food, other household items, and a cash grant to help her purchase the items she needs, as well as carry out repairs before winter.

Mina is grateful for any assistance she can receive; when everything needs to be replaced, every offer of help means so much. Sometimes she feels very depressed, as the disaster has turned her whole life upside down.

For now, Mina stays with her neighbours, but every day, she returns to her home. Even its current state, she says it is still her home. She hopes life can start to get back to normal soon.