Flooding brings back memories of civil war

تم النشر: 30 مايو 2014 15:59 CET

By Nicole Robicheau, IFRC

Ramiza Dedic, 43, has been sleeping in the army barracks in the municipality of Zenica since she was evacuated from her home after the floods. Although Ramiza’s house is still standing – unlike many others after a landslide in her community of Bistrica – she thinks it is only a matter of time before hers is ruined too.

“My husband and son have gone to check on the house today and I’m even more afraid because I heard that houses are still breaking,” Dedic says.

Sitting on her bed in her makeshift room with her ten-year-old daughter, she recounts what happened the day of the floods. “I woke up and it was still dark. I saw the house breaking up, we ran up on top of the hill and people were running and screaming.”

Helicopters came to rescue the family, and brought them to the shelter where Red Cross volunteers are running the registration and providing food.

Echoing the conversation happening all over the centre, Dedic says the situation brought back memories of the effects of civil war in the 90s. “My first husband died in an accident when he was working to get rid of all the landmines after the war.”

She says she spends much of the day crying, and goes for walks in the gardens of the compound to try and forget. She worries about what will happen to her children.  “Everything I ever earned I put into that house, so I’m worried what the future will bring.”