Thousands of families supported in the aftermath of floods in Kazakhstan

تم النشر: 15 أغسطس 2015 7:54 CET

More than 200 volunteers from the Kazakh Red Crescent were deployed in response to recent floods in Almaty. Rising temperatures caused some melting of the Kargalinka glacier, which sent a torrent of water, earth and debris into the city. The flood damaged bridges, brought down powerlines and trapped people in their homes. In all, over 1,000 people were forced to evacuate to safety.

The Kazakh Red Crescent was the first to respond, with volunteers offering humanitarian assistance ranging from providing hot meals and first aid, to taking clean water on foot to communities cut off from main roads.

Erkebek Argymbayev, President of the Kazakh Red Crescent, established disaster response headquarters in Almaty with members of the organization’s National Committee. A second response centre was created in a local school to support volunteers and the disaster response team.

Volunteers clear debris following floods in Almaty.

With support from local businesses and people, volunteers were able to begin the distribution of food, fresh water, tools and other essential items.

During the week-long emergency operation, Red Crescent staff and volunteers collaborated with local authorities on a range of activities including psychosocial support for evacuees, field kitchens to provide hot food; and taking sanitation kits and food aid to remote areas. At the height of the response, the Red Crescent was delivering over 10,000 litres of fresh water and 700 food packages each day. Over 2,800 vulnerable families received support from the Kazakh Red Crescent.