Young teams shortlisted for app development award

تم النشر: 21 نوفمبر 2013 13:48 CET

The finalists for the World Series of Innovation have been selected and are seeking votes. The awards, from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, feature a selection of mobile apps created under the Community Committed and Job Fit category sponsored by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The challenge in this category was to come up with a concept for an app which would allow young people to engage with their community through volunteering and gain valuable employment skills or experience.

Two of the shortlisted apps comes from the USA, while the third comes from a team in Ireland.

Eduko, created by the Eduko Foundation in California, aims to build a learning community that will, in turn, encourage involvement in community activity and volunteerism.

An app called ‘Daylight’ is being built by a team from Ireland and will enable and encourage young people to involve themselves in local or global initiatives such as World Water Day and International Voluneer Day, tailored to their interests and location, but would also link them to donation and volunteer opportunities. Users would also be able to create and share their own significant days with the Daylight community.

And finally, Your Hours, developed by a team in Florida, USA, is designed to put young people in touch with organizations that need volunteer support. The app will keep a record of their volunteering history and may also identify or recommend other opportunities for volunteering in the future.

Voting for the Community Committed and Job Fit award – plus all the other awards – is open to the general public at the project’s website (

The awards, developed in partnership with Microsoft, encourage young developers to think creatively about solutions to both local and global problems, and investigate the ways in which technology can have a positive impact on communities and businesses. In addition to having the opportunity to build their apps, the teams – 2-5 people between the ages of 11-24 years old – will also win prizes for themselves and their schools.