Staff and volunteers provide aid to more than 18,000 families in Anbar, Iraq

تم النشر: 21 يناير 2014 15:08 CET

By Raefah Makki, IFRC

Heavy fighting between the Iraqi military and fighters in Anbar province, the largest governorate in Iraq geographically, is affecting a number of cities including Fallujah and causing many casualties. Thousands of civilians have fled the city due to violence and shortage of services and facilities.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society was among the first responders to the growing needs of the affected families facing food shortages and a lack of access to vital services. People were not able to reach the markets due to the curfew and roadblocks. Thousands of families sought shelter in schools, public buildings and with host families.

Teams  from the society are assisting to thousands inside the city and those displaced by violence. They conducted rapid assessment in the affected area and registered the essential needs while a special relief team was established from Al-Anbar branch.

Staff and volunteers were working under extremely difficult situations to distribute food parcels, non-food item and hot meals. First aid teams from Al Anbar branch have also provided first aid services and psychological support. Those who needed more extensive health services were transported to hospital.

So far the Iraqi Red Crescent Society has provided humanitarian aid to more than 18,000  families in Anbar province since the outbreak of violence.

The Assistant to the Secretary General of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, Mohammad Alkhozai said: “The number of displaced families rose to 16,465 from the cities of Fallujah and Anbar. Our emergency teams were immediately deployed in the province working closely with the relevant authorities and local community to ensure the delivery of the humanitarian aid to the affected area.

“Iraqi Red Crescent teams are still working until this moment, despite the difficulties and the risks they face in performing their humanitarian work."