Lebanese Red Cross responds to a powerful explosion in Beirut

تم النشر: 16 أغسطس 2013 17:52 CET

At 6:10pm yesterday, in the southern suburbs of Beirut, an explosion shook the district of Ruwais. A blaze took hold at the site of the explosion and Lebanese Red Cross ambulances and emergency teams were deployed immediately to the scene.

Tens of people were trapped in burning cars and buildings for hours. Some 50 paramedics and 15 ambulances immediately deployed to transport the injured and to provide emergency medical services.

At midnight, Red Cross medical teams had completed a comprehensive scan of the scene, more than 19 dead and more than 300 wounded had been counted. Of these, 25 people remained in a critical condition in hospital, with fears at the Lebanese Red Cross that the death toll might increase.

Lebanese Red Cross volunteers assisted in the transportation of blast victims to various hospitals in the region; the rest were transported with NGOs and in civilians’ cars. On the site of the explosion, the emergency and medical services teams provided first-aid services to a number of wounded people whose condition did not warrant a transfer to a hospital.

While Red Cross teams were deployed in the field, the organization was also coordinating with NGOs about receiving blood donors at the Red Cross blood transfusion centres in order to meet demand.

Lebanese Red Cross emergency teams remain at the scene to help in the relief activities.