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Type of Disasters/Categories
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Collapse ClimatologicalClimatological
Cold Wave
Heat Wave
Collapse BiologicalBiological
Biological Emergency
Insect Infestation
Collapse GeophysicalGeophysical
Volcanic Eruption
Collapse MeteorologicalMeteorological
Collapse HydrologicalHydrological
Pluvial/Flash Flood
Storm Surge
Collapse Technological and Man MadeTechnological and Man Made
Chemical Emergency
Nuclear Emergency
Radiological Emergency
Transport Accident
Collapse Non Technological and Man MadeNon Technological and Man Made
Civil Unrest
Complex Emergency
Food Insecurity
Population Movement
Collapse OtherOther
All other disaster and emergencies
Management response
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Collapse EvaluationEvaluation
Cluster evaluation
Conference evaluation
Final evaluation
Impact evaluation
Joint evaluation
Meta evaluation
Mid-term evaluation
Real-time evaluation
Collapse OtherOther
Case study/research

The total number of evaluations meeting the criteria is 540
Location Category Title Type Organisation Mngt. response Document Publication Date
Bangladesh - Baseline Study Report: Violence Prevention & Response Project Baseline IFRC, National Society pdf
2019 يونيو 30
Turkey - Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) Assessment Report - Community-Based Migration Programme - Turkish Red Crescent Society (TRCS) Review IFRC, National Society pdf
2019 يونيو 24
Syria Complex Emergency Evaluation of the IFRC Emergency Appeal for Syria 2012-2018 Mid-term evaluation IFRC zip
2019 يونيو 12
Indonesia, Namibia - A Participatory Video Monitoring Process Using "Our Story" in Indonesia and Namibia Case study/research IFRC, National Society pdf
2019 مايو 31
Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami Real-Time Evaluation Indonesia: Earthquakes and Tsunami (Lombok, Sulawesi) 2018 Real-time evaluation IFRC, National Society pdf
2019 مايو 29
- - Lesson-learning review of the ‘One International Appeal’ modality Review IFRC, ICRC pdf
2019 مايو 08
Bangladesh Flood Baseline Study Report: Integrated Flood Resilience Program Baseline IFRC, National Society pdf
2019 أبريل 30
- Global - - Supply Chain Expenditure and Preparedness Investment Opportunities Case study/research IFRC pdf
2019 مارس 07
Burundi - Strengthening Burundi Red Cross Society’s Capacity to Prepare and Respond to Emergencies Final evaluation IFRC pdf
2019 مارس 05
Greece, Greece country office - Greece: Population movement Emergency Appeal Final Evaluation (MDRGR001) Final evaluation IFRC, National Society pdf
2019 فبراير 11
Egypt - Participatory Video Baseline Report for the School Children Training Programme "Health and Safety" Baseline IFRC pdf
2019 يناير 25
Armenia, Georgia - Improved Emergency Preparedness and Coordinated Response in South Caucasus (EMPREP) Impact evaluation IFRC, National Society pdf
2019 يناير 23
Nepal Earthquake, Flood The benefits of being prepared. Impact, benefits, costs and outlook of disaster risk reduction in Nepal Impact evaluation National Society pdf
2019 يناير 21
Ukraine - External evaluation of the livelihoods programme 2017 in Ukraine Final evaluation, Impact evaluation IFRC, National Society pdf
2019 يناير 16
Peru Flood Lecciones Aprendidas Perú Inundaciones Other IFRC, ICRC, National Society, Other pdf
2018 ديسمبر 18
Belarus - Beneficiary Satisfaction Survey on the DG ECHO-supported project “Belarus - Responding to the most acute humanitarian needs of Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons” Survey IFRC, National Society pdf
2018 ديسمبر 05
Turkey - Responding to protection needs of refugees in Turkey - baseline survey Baseline, Survey IFRC, National Society pdf
2018 أكتوبر 25
Sri Lanka Flood Final Evaluation of Sri Lanka Floods and Landslides Operations Final evaluation IFRC pdf
2018 أكتوبر 24
Democratic People Republic of Korea - Mid-term Review of Cooperation Agreement Strategy (CAS) 2016-2018 for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Review IFRC, National Society pdf
2018 أكتوبر 24
Ecuador Earthquake Evaluación Final Participativa Operación de Respuesta Terremoto Ecuador de 2016 Final evaluation IFRC, National Society pdf
2018 أكتوبر 02
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