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Type of Disasters/Categories
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Collapse ClimatologicalClimatological
Cold Wave
Heat Wave
Collapse BiologicalBiological
Biological Emergency
Insect Infestation
Collapse GeophysicalGeophysical
Volcanic Eruption
Collapse MeteorologicalMeteorological
Collapse HydrologicalHydrological
Pluvial/Flash Flood
Storm Surge
Collapse Technological and Man MadeTechnological and Man Made
Chemical Emergency
Nuclear Emergency
Radiological Emergency
Transport Accident
Collapse Non Technological and Man MadeNon Technological and Man Made
Civil Unrest
Complex Emergency
Food Insecurity
Population Movement
Collapse OtherOther
All other disaster and emergencies
Management response
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Collapse EvaluationEvaluation
Cluster evaluation
Conference evaluation
Final evaluation
Impact evaluation
Joint evaluation
Meta evaluation
Mid-term evaluation
Real-time evaluation
Collapse OtherOther
Case study/research

The total number of evaluations meeting the criteria is 566
Location Category Title Type Organisation Mngt. response Document Publication Date
Sri Lanka - Indian Housing Project-Internal Review Review IFRC pdf
2014 مارس 31
Bangkok country cluster - Strategic Review of the Ex-Regional Diaster Managment Unit & Current Community Safety and Resilience Unit- SEARD Review IFRC pdf
2014 مارس 31
Jamaica - Final Evaluation of Hurricane Sandy Operations in Jamaica Final evaluation IFRC pdf
2014 مارس 28
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Programme Review / Survey Mid-term evaluation IFRC pdf
2014 مارس 19
Nigeria Flood Nigeria Floods- Early Recovery Shelter Beneficiary Satisfaction Survey Survey IFRC pdf
2014 فبراير 05
Argentina Flood Informe Evaluación Operación DREF, Inundaciones en La Plata Argentina 2013 Final evaluation IFRC pdf
2014 يناير 28
- Global - Cyclone Philippines-Typhoon Haiyan Post Distribution Monitoring Report-Preliminary Findings Survey IFRC pdf
2014 يناير 25
Ecuador - IDRL in Ecuador Final evaluation IFRC pdf
2014 يناير 21
Jamaica - International Disaster Response Law, Rules and Principles in Jamaica: A Strength and Gap Analysis on the Legislative Framework for Receiving International Disaster Relief Final evaluation IFRC pdf
2014 يناير 21
Afghanistan - IDRL in Afghanistan: A study for strengthening the legal and policy framework for international disaster response in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Case study/research IFRC pdf
2014 يناير 20
Nepal - Mid-Term Review Nepal RC 6th Year Development Plan 2011-2015 Mid-term evaluation IFRC pdf
2014 يناير 01
Haiti Earthquake Applicability of DEWATS in Urban Neighborhoods of the Port-au-Prince Metropolitan Area (PPMA) Final evaluation IFRC pdf
2013 ديسمبر 30
Haiti Earthquake Beneficiary Communications Review Review IFRC zip
2013 ديسمبر 30
Nigeria Flood An internal evaluation of the shelter kit response Final evaluation IFRC pdf
2013 ديسمبر 23
- Global - - Evaluation of IFRC's Disaster Law Programme Mid-term evaluation IFRC zip
2013 ديسمبر 10
- Global - - Evaluation of the Shelter Role of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Mid-term evaluation IFRC zip
2013 ديسمبر 04
Democratic People Republic of Korea - Final Evaluation of CBHFA Project in DPRK Final evaluation IFRC pdf
2013 نوفمبر 08
- Global - - IFRC Baseline Survey on Violence Prevention Baseline IFRC zip
2013 نوفمبر 06
- Global - - Review of cluster coordination team deployment to the Philippines. Cluster evaluation IFRC pdf
2013 نوفمبر 04
- Global - - Global study that maps exisiting and informs future Beneficiary Communication (BC)work at the IFRC Case study/research IFRC pdf
2013 نوفمبر 04
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