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Type of Disasters/Categories
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Collapse ClimatologicalClimatological
Cold Wave
Heat Wave
Collapse BiologicalBiological
Biological Emergency
Insect Infestation
Collapse GeophysicalGeophysical
Volcanic Eruption
Collapse MeteorologicalMeteorological
Collapse HydrologicalHydrological
Pluvial/Flash Flood
Storm Surge
Collapse Technological and Man MadeTechnological and Man Made
Chemical Emergency
Nuclear Emergency
Radiological Emergency
Transport Accident
Collapse Non Technological and Man MadeNon Technological and Man Made
Civil Unrest
Complex Emergency
Food Insecurity
Population Movement
Collapse OtherOther
All other disaster and emergencies
Management response
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Collapse EvaluationEvaluation
Cluster evaluation
Conference evaluation
Final evaluation
Impact evaluation
Joint evaluation
Meta evaluation
Mid-term evaluation
Real-time evaluation
Collapse OtherOther
Case study/research

The total number of evaluations meeting the criteria is 535
Location Category Title Type Organisation Mngt. response Document Publication Date
Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua Epidemic Impact Evaluation Of the Humanitarian Intervention of the Red Cross to reduce cases of dengue fever in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua in 2013 Final evaluation IFRC zip
2014 أكتوبر 14
Caribbean country cluster - Review of the Caribbean Disaster Management Strategic Framework 2009-2014 Review IFRC docx
2014 أكتوبر 14
Tanzania - Tanzania Floods DREF Review and Lessons Learnt Workshop Review IFRC pdf
2014 أكتوبر 03
Afghanistan Landslide, Flood After Action Review-DREF Ops Floods & Landslide in Afghanistan Review IFRC pdf
2014 سبتمبر 16
Zimbabwe Food Insecurity Zimbabwe Food Insecurity Emergency Appeal Evaluation Report Final evaluation IFRC pdf
2014 أغسطس 07
Haiti Earthquake Best practices and lessons learned - WATSAN Haiti Review IFRC zip
2014 يوليه 28
Haiti Earthquake Disaster Risk Management in Haiti RC Mid-term evaluation IFRC pdf
2014 يوليه 28
Pakistan - International Disaster Response Law (IDRL) in Pakistan: A Desk Review of the legal framework for facilitating and regulating international disaster assistance Case study/research IFRC pdf
2014 يوليه 13
Indonesia - IDRL in Indonesia: An analysis of the impact and implementation of Indonesia’s Legal Framework for International Disaster Assistance Case study/research IFRC pdf
2014 يونيو 27
Cuba All other disaster and emergencies Fortaleciendo la resiliencia de las comunidades afectadas por el Huracán Sandy en Cuba Final evaluation IFRC zip
2014 يونيو 25
Viet Nam - Vietnam Case Study: How Law and Regulation Support Disaster Risk Reduction Case study/research IFRC pdf
2014 يونيو 25
New Zealand - New Zealand case study: How Law and Regulation Support Disaster Risk Reduction Case study/research IFRC pdf
2014 يونيو 25
Caribbean country cluster - Final Evaluation of Improving Climate Change Resilience of Caribbean Communities Impact evaluation IFRC zip
2014 يونيو 24
Nepal - Nepal case study: Regulatory barriers to providing emergency and transitional shelter after disasters Case study/research IFRC zip
2014 يونيو 11
Sri Lanka - Review report on Volunteers in Action 2009-2013 Review IFRC pdf
2014 يونيو 03
Myanmar - CBHFA Baseline Survey-Kayah State Baseline IFRC pdf
2014 مايو 30
Philippines Cyclone Real-Time Evaluation of the Philippines Haiyan Response Real-time evaluation IFRC zip
2014 مايو 22
Myanmar - Baseline WatSan_Pyawbwe&Yesagyo Townships Baseline IFRC pdf
2014 مايو 20
Myanmar - Baseline WatSan Ngazun & Natogyi Townships Baseline IFRC pdf
2014 مايو 18
- Global - - YABC Impact Study Report Impact evaluation IFRC pdf
2014 مايو 13
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