Key disaster law issues

Law and disaster risk reduction
Good legislation is critical to reducing disaster risks.  Law can set the stage for early warning, financing, community empowerment and accountability -- or it can obscure and obstruct the necessary steps.


International Disaster Response Laws, Rules and Principles  International disaster operations are becoming increasingly complex, but regulatory frameworks have not kept up.  Over ten years of IFRC research has shown how states can do better.


Regulatory barriers to post-disaster shelter
Shelter experts say that regulatory barriers are among the most difficult problems they face in providing speedy and fair assistance to people made homeless by disaster. 



Law and volunteering in emergencies
Emergency volunteers face many risks in their efforts to bring support to vulnerable people, including legal risks.  How can legislation promote, protect and support volunteers?


First aid
Supportive legislation for first aid training is essential to ensure that large parts of the population are properly trained and willing to provide assistance in an emergency